Cardboard Chaos On The Slopes

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JACK FROST -- A huge event which centers on cardboard sleds drew a big crowd to a ski resort in the Poconos.

The event called The Cardboard Classic has taken place at Jack Frost ski area for years. A Philadelphia radio show hosts this event which invites its listeners to create sleds out of cardboard, glue, tape and string.

Some of the strange sights at Jack Frost on Friday included a train with its enormous bright red control cab where the train engineer is sitting, a two-story pontoon boat with everyone wearing bright orange vests, and an enormous re-creation of the Emerald City, from the movie "The Wizard of Oz" complete with a rainbow and Dorothy's house.

They're all made out of cardboard, tape, string, paint, and glue.

"We started back in November with the concept voting. We started designing in December, building in January," explained Bob Mormile of Wallingford.

After all these cardboard creations have been dragged up the snow tube hill at Jack Frost, they have to make it to the edge of the hill and down they go.

"That first drop is a big drop," said Brian Denham.

This crew from Cape May, New Jersey designed a Mascaro Sanitation truck out of cardboard. After a few pushes, they finally made it to the edge of the hill and down they went.

Dozens piled into a cardboard pontoon boat. As it started going over the edge, the cardboard underneath them started to crack and down they went.

Meanwhile, the crowd below sees these massive cardboard creations come speeding down the snow tube hill, at times losing a few riders. When that happens, ski patrol is on hand to make sure participants in the cardboard classic are all OK.

"We're just waiting to see if we have to jump in our skis and get down there. That's the next step. When we see one of these go down and make sure we clean them up," said ski patrol member Pete Mailloux.

A total of 150 sleds got up to the top of the snow tube hill. Not all of them made it down in one piece.

There was at least one minor injury during the event and ski patrol was right there giving that person medical attention.

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