Mother Jumps From Burning Home, Daughter Rescued by Teen

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STROUD TOWNSHIP --- A mother had to leap from a second-floor window and a neighbor rescued her daughter when a home caught fire Thursday evening.

Flames tore through the place along Bridge Street near Stroudsburg.

The woman who jumped out of the home was hurt and had to be taken to a hospital.

Newswatch 16 spoke with the neighbor who rescued her daughter.

"I was just listening to music in my grandmother's house and I noticed flames coming out the windows of my neighbors' house. I noticed a girl calling for help and I ran in she was about to go in and save her mom and the whole house was practically on fire and I ran in and got her," said Nate Barro.

A fire marshal is investigating the cause but authorities told Newswatch 16 there were some electrical issues in the house during the day so the mom and daughter had been using candles for light.


  • ms.adams

    wow really people come on here and call the mother nmes and stuff? way to act grown up!!!! you have no idea why she was upstairs or if she could even get down stair to her child or visversa and peoplewonder what is wrong with the chilren these days, take a look a how alot ofadult act and there u have ur answer. GREAT JOB TNEEDS TO THE TEEN.HE IS DEF. A HERO!!

  • Luis Lugo

    Nate definitely needs to be recognized for his heroic deed. Most teenagers his age would have just picked up their cell phones and recorded the event as it unfolded.

  • dawn clark

    The boy did a very heroic act by saving girl before she walked upstairs. God bless him and the family. Hope info is given for people to make donations.

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