What the Heck, Leck?: Your Beef with Taxes

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It`s time to hear your gripes, your beefs. It`s the first Tuesday of the month and that means time now for 'What the Heck, Leck?' and today, ryan is tackling your taxes!

I`m talking income taxes. But luckily I`m not doing anyone`s taxes for them because know Leckey doesn`t do math. Oh yes, it is the 'most taxing time of the year' and when it comes to this whole process, the bulk of your beefs surround how long it takes to get your money back from Uncle Sam. Something that has many of you saying, 'come on! 'what the heck?!'

Like apple pie or baseball, tackling your income taxes is an American tradition. It`s a sometimes troubling task that has many talkin`.

"How much work it is, how many papers they have to fill out, how much information they have to give," says Anjanay Mack-Robertson of Wilkes-Barre.

"My biggest gripe with taxes is waiting, waiting for my money," says Rachel Caruso of Hanover Township.

"I`d like to see it come through faster because when I applied for it this year, I had to wait 2 and a half weeks and I needed it for a car payment at the time," says Jade Wielgosz of Wilkes-Barre.

And much of your Facebook feedback echoed that refund rant! It`s the wait that many hate! But some think the tax time problems are found in the entire process.

"It would be great if it was simpler and i`m sure there`s a way to do that," says Marie George of Wilkes-Barre.

There are all of the forms that have some here at home thinking it`s just too long and too complicated. Taking your money and padding the pockets of others and for the most part many of you don`t think the dough you`re dishing out to Uncle Sam is being put to good use.

"It`s a waste, I mean, look at the roads man!" added Wielgosz.

Yeah, those problematic potholes that have a lot of us still saying 'What the heck?!' Alright, some of that other tax time drama surround figuring out those deductions and what you can and can`t claim. Here are just a few biggies tax pros say people often forget about.

Caring for a parent: If you`re the primary care taker of your mother and father or you pay someone to take care of your paren, you could be eligible for deductions if you meet the IRS's requirements.

If you`ve been through a natural disaster such as a tornado or had items stolen from you, you may be able to deduct those. but check with an expert.

And finally, another item sometimes overlooked; energy efficient improvements you`ve done to your home. Like new doors, new windows or a new energy efficient furnace. But the income tax pros say make sure you have the proper documentation to make sure your purchases meet the government`s deduction criteria.

So if you didn`t do your taxes already you have a total of 42 days remaining until that April 15th deadline. You don`t want to wait too late because you don`t want the IRS knocking on your door leaving you saying, 'come on, what the heck?'

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