Special License Available For Veterans

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Veterans in Pennsylvania can now get a special designation on their driver license photo ID.

An American flag with the word "veteran" beneath it will be on the front.

The veterans designation on cards is free. There is still a fee for renewal and duplicate identification cards..

State officials say this gives veterans immediate recognition even if they do not have a military ID.


  • Rozanne Petrycki

    I went to my local DMV and now am a proud owner of this type of license! They didn’t ask for my DD-214. The examiner said that the DMV would notify you if there are any issues. The VA would verify your time in service. Thanks for letting us know about this WNEP. And thank you to all of my fellow veterans for your service!

    • Rusty

      Do you have a problem with someone other than a veteran getting recognition for serving there country and or state or community in some way? I am a veteran of the Marine Corps and a retired corrections officer and I wonder about your integrity. That your first thought is using this license to get out of tickets is disgusting. This is a way for our state to honor our service not give veterans a free pass to break the law.

  • TB

    Though I am grateful of the sacrifices our veterans make for our country, I feel this is a bad idea. Having “veteran” or any label put on your license may afford a person favorable treatment when dealing with law enforcement. I understand that the law does not discriminate and people are always treated fairly, but a special labels on your ID…

  • Rozanne Petrycki

    When will this be available to the veterans? What paperwork will we need to prove our service in the military?

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