Pittston Prepping For Parade

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PITTSTON -- The city of Pittston is getting ready for its first St. Patrick's parade in more than 50 years.

A crew from M. Mayo Striping of Falls was out Tuesday morning painting a green line down Main Street. It's the route marchers will take Saturday afternoon. The company painted the line for free.

Pittston's mayor tells us many downtown bars and restaurants have agreed to open early, and offer specials to parade goers.

Here is a list of all the St. Patrick's parades in our area.

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  • observer

    To the comment above! This company is very professional regardless of bucket they may use to apply glass beads. For anyone who knows this company knows they are based on quality. Yes, quality meaning their work. You shouldn’t be so materialistic as to the thinks they are using and take a closer look on the deed they are doing for Pittston to have a nice parade. As to your contradicting comment about their equipment, all of it seems to work just fine in putting the product on the ground. So for them to stop working for they might be able to get a better piece of equipment makes zero sense.

    I think this company does a great job and I’ve never heard one bad thing about them.

    P.s. to the above ^^ .. You sure sound jealous of this company to try and put them down over such petty things. Shame on you. They are doing a great thing for the parade!

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