Student Charged With Calling In Threat

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP -- An Abington Heights High School senior was arrested Monday and accused of phoning in a bomb threat to the school.

Police said he phoned in the threat because he didn't do his homework thinking there would be a snow day today.

At least that was the excuse 18-year-old Kullen Hosier of South Abington Township gave police when they tracked him down in a classroom during school Monday. Police said bomb threats like the one Hosier is accused of making are becoming all too common and the people who make them are rarely caught.

This time, police said they identified Hosier from surveillance video.

Abington Heights High School senior Kullen Hosier started his Monday presumably stressed out. He told police he was afraid he was going to flunk a class. He ended his day in handcuffs and facing a felony charge.

South Abington Township Police said an employee at Abington Heights High School took a call from a male saying a bomb in the school would explode around 9:00 am. At that point, police locked down the school and did a sweep. That turned up nothing.

"It becomes very manpower intensive, and it costs a lot of money, it costs taxpayers a lot of money for something like this," said South Abington Township Police Chief Robert Gerrity said.

Gerrity said people who make unsubstantiated bomb threats are rarely caught. But in this case, police caught up with their suspect in under two hours.

According to court papers, the bomb threat call traced back to a payphone  near Clarks Summit. Nearby security cameras caught the image of the caller and his license plate number. Police then found that car parked in the student parking lot at Abington Heights.

Police called Kullen Hosier out of class and said he admitted to making the threat because the weather had let him down. Hosier said he counted on a snow day to finish his homework so he wouldn't flunk a class.

Police said the terroristic threats Hosier is accused of making are much more damaging than a failing grade.

"This young man now faces a felony charge which can certainly impact his entire future. We just want to remind people that this is not a joke, that if you do something like this and you are caught you're going to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," Chief Gerrity added.

Kullen Hosier was charged with making terroristic threats, a felony, along with misdemeanor charges of causing false alarm and disorderly conduct.

He was arraigned on those charges this afternoon at the Lackawanna County Courthouse.


  • carol

    Sundown, where are you? I miss reading your comments and opinions. I’d bet you’d have a great reaction to this story!!

  • lolwowidiot

    Lol, kid is dumb and so are his friends thinking he will get away with this, rich little brats. jail time will do him good… also being labeled a terrorist. at 18 you should know calling in a bomb threat is no joke.

  • lisa

    It is really unfortunate that this student thought he had no other option, because now his life is changed. He will now have to put on every job application that he was charged (if found guilty) with a felony. Colleges, he probably won’t be able to get into one. Very sad. A stupid choice that he will now have to suffer the consequences of.

  • Liz

    This, in no way, makes him a bad kid or a bad person. His life shouldn’t be ruined because he tried to get out of school. In fact, the fact that THAT is the reason he did is quite amusing. I would chalk this up to what it is, boys will be boys. If he had a malicious reason this would be a different situation, and while I understand extra precautions had to be taken because of it but whatever, good practice then. A felony?! Really?? I’m sure the arrest scared the crap out of him enough! Life goes on, people.

  • Candace

    Absolutely shocked to hear others say the police overreacted! How are they supposed you react to a BOMB THREAT!? The one who overreacted was the boy who called in a bomb threat because he didn’t do his homework! And “just a kid”? Granted, his maturity level doesn’t seem to reflect his chronological age, but he did know right from wrong (if he didn’t, he wouldn’t have driven to the only working pay phone in NEPA to call in the threat). As for all of this “high school is so stressful” crap, yeah, it is. But we’ve all gone through it. Know what else is stressful? College, job, paying bills, life. How about those that had to respond to this bomb threat? Don’t you think that was stressful?..

    • Concerned Student

      This isn’t simply a mistake, he committed a felony. I don’t care how stressed he is, that does not give him the right to threaten to kill us. If he is seriously that stressed, which I doubt because he is still making jokes, then he needs a therapist and mental help. So don’t keep blaming stress or saying the “kid” made a mistake because he thought this through and decided that it would be a good idea to threaten us to miss school. End of story.

    • Idiot

      Oh so since this was “just a mistake” they should let him off with no consequence? I don’t think so. Imagine if every single time a kid didn’t do their homework and thought it would be okay to call in a bomb threat. Do you know how much that costs? Clearly you don’t.

  • EvilLAien

    The serious issue here is the need for the historical society to preserve that payphone. Im surprised it worked

  • common sense

    The excuse he is “just a kid” doesn’t excuse his actions. He made a real decision and it has real life consequences. This is hardly an overreaction to the situation, especially in this post-9/11 world. By excusing his actions you automatically down play what he did and the consequences of it. There shouldn’t be a witch hunt for this student, definitely not even jail time, but definitely community service. A couple hundred hours of giving back to his community will do a great deal more than slapping him with a prison sentence.

  • Crazybob

    Wait, ANYONE notice they didn’t evacuate the school? They had a lockdown. That’s a major lawsuit right there.

  • American History Notes

    People making the argument that he is “just a kid” who made a “stupid mistake” are absolutely ridiculous. He is not “just a kid”, he’s 18 and it’s not like he broke a traffic law, he called in a bomb threat. Do you have no respect for the law? Why couldn’t he do his homework the night prior like everyone else. Stress? Is stress seriously an excuse for a felony? I’m sure there is no situation stressful enough for such a reaction. None. And on top of that, he is using this opportunity as a popularity stunt making jokes on the internet about “using his mugshot as a senior picture” instead of recognizing his mistake and apologizing for it. Everyone deserves a second chance but obviously he has no regrets regarding the incident, I think that’s proof enough that he does not take the situation seriously. And after attending school with him previously, he’s not shy to skip school, classes, assignments, or break any of the other rules for that matter.

    • the truth

      So much for school pride and unity, just fact the that you would speak so little of someone who you regarded as a fellow student shows how little you actually understand about Abington heights and its many MANY stressors.

      • concerned for humanity

        Are you kidding me?! It’s high school. It’s sad that people think this is okay. He cost taxpayers a lot of unnecessary time and money all because he didn’t do his homework. Sounds like a man stuck with the maturity of an eight year old if you ask me. Actually, I don’t think even an eight year old would think this would be appropriate.

    • the truth

      you simply have no sympathy for fellow individuals who have faced the very same problems you must have in your abington career, and I find that quite ununfortunate. While you may have braved these stressors and kept your head high others do not find it so easy and I ask you to consider that

      • CCKM

        Last time I checked, homework wasn’t a stressor, or a job a stressor, or being a parent, or keeping one’s home! It’s just what you gotta do in life! What’s the alternative? Being Nero? Caligula? Look what they were like and how they turned out! If this “kid” at 18 can’t handle homework; what kind of employee, husband, or father will he make?! There is normal stress that comes with life, in life, and is actually healthy in order to challenge to be overcomers, the kind of stress that is unhealthy is manufactured stress just like this winner pulled!

      • Momof2

        I agree with you that school in general is alot more stressful now than it was. So you are saying it is okay to do something illegal just because you are stressed? No one would’ve accountable for their actions then! I do t know this kid so I’m speaking in a general sense…. If a person is not able to handle the stresses of high school what the heck are they going to do when they graduate and either go to college or in to the real world???? Murder?… Oh that’s ok because he was stressed over a term paper he didn’t do on time. Yeah, I don’t think so! My 7 year old knows this is not appropriate!

    • CCKM

      Just a kid? Last time I checked, 18 was the age of a legal adult? Whether or not they’re still in High School? If he is pulling an extra year, maybe he should do it at home! Then maybe his parents can baby-sit their over-grown child-terrorist they raised until he knows better! This student didn’t think too much about the school or HIS fellow students either now did he? His is a little old for acting out.

  • dirt dogg

    “I keep telling this kid, do your homework Friday night & you’ll have the rest of the weekend to yourself”. But does he listen…Noooooo!

    • CCKM

      One of four definitions of terrorist;
      “a person who terrorizes or frightens others,”
      So the answer to your questions would have to be a yes. Didn’t you ever hear the phrase; “that kid is a holy terror?”

  • Maria

    Soooo was skipping a day or playing sick too risky? Or doing your homework in the morning instead of driving down to pay phone too much effort?

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