Man Sentenced for Killing Two People

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MONTROSE — A judge from Susquehanna County sentenced a man for killing two men.

A judge in Susquehanna County gave Lloyd Thomas six to twelve years in prison. He must also serve eight years probation.

A jury found Thomas guilty on two counts of voluntary manslaughter back in January. But those same jurors found Thomas not guilty on the more serious charges of first and third-degree murder.

Thomas was on trial for the February 2012 killings of Joshua Rogers, 30, of New Milford and Gilberto Alvarez, 28, of Florida, who had recently moved to Pennsylvania for work and was staying with Rogers.


    • mdog

      Calm down little pup, your gonna leave a mark on the floor.
      I am clearly tryin to establish the facts of the case.
      Do not doubt my intelligence you silly beagle i to would have called the police, unless a bad “D” deal went down just prior?
      A theft may have occurred?
      See little sprouter im just axin some questions here, thats ok

  • Tracy

    The bullet matched Thomas’ gun. So therefore, I’m not a forensics specialist, but I would say yes.

    • Larry

      “The expert witness tested a dent in the victims’ car for lead and calculated the possibility of the dent being caused by gunfire. The witness said there is physical evidence to show a gunshot hit the victims’ car, but told the jury it’s up to them to decide if the victims’ story, saying Thomas fired that gun, is true.”

      In other woods no conclusive proof…

      • Larry

        *in other WORDS no conclusive proof. In fact, as I read it It has not been established 100 % that the car was shot (possibility of the dent being caused by gunfire as stated by the “expert witness”). There was certainly no bullet recovered so the person saying that is full of it.

      • mdog

        Thank you Larry. I believe forensics could have re-enacted (with a expert shooter) the perpetuated scene to establish a (footprint) of the bullet strike and its mark left on the car at given angles and height.. To me that could prove murder first degree. But then again im no expert.

      • Larry

        Mdog: Even if forensics could have established that Thomas shot the car (they couldn’t), it still does not open up murder 1. Think about it, In the jury’s mind LLoyd Thomas felt he was in fear for his life – hence not guilty to murder, but that it wasn’t a reasonable fear – guilty manslaughter. In my opinion the men killed in this incident were up to no good – any normal person who believed their car was shot would report it to the authorities – not return with weapons and in essence surround the mans house.

      • BoyDog

        He could possibly be innocent,you never get the whole story in a shady case.My plain and simple options do not fit with every shooting ,don”t short change me,I feel this sad case they do.mdog needs to further her education ,get out of pre school.

      • BOYDOG

        I believe MD has a little bit of a evil mind. If someone shoots at you ,the plain and simple options (kindergarten level) are leave it alone as 1. and number two is report to authorities. 3. or both! If your aim is off hunting any game will run if they know you shootn” at them. Do you not listen to the messiah mdog?

      • mdog

        You have the simple one lobe mind my friend by insinuating my method
        of understanding how this transpired – yudafooljack.

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