Bringing Hazleton Flag Debate to the State Level

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HAZLETON -- A group that's been pushing to have the Dominican Republic flag flown at city hall in Hazleton is now taking their fight to the state level.

The Dominican House held a news conference Sunday at the group's headquarters on Laurel Street in Hazleton.

The city's mayor told members of the Dominican House they could not fly the country's flag in celebration of Dominican independence, citing a state law.

Victor Perez said the law is more than 100 years old, and he plans to ask state lawmakers to modify it.

"It is better for the city to be open to everybody, not to be too close-minded," said Victor Perez of the Dominican House.

Members of Casa Dominican said they're very sorry to see the way people are reacting to the effort to have the Dominican Flag flown in Hazleton.


  • ME

    Dear Perez:

    You can’t believe how people are reacting to you wanting to fly the flag? Typical ignorance. You came here and no one should go somewhere and demand that that area/change for them. It has nothing to do with closed-mindedness or hate. Those are your feeling and opinions. I suggest instead of costing the taxpayers of this state, more money over something petty and stupid, that you learn to speak English much better than you do. Then you wonder why people hate foreigners. Situations/people like this are the reason why.

    • Vanessa

      It was for there Independence Day not forever idiot.. and what do you think hate is… uhmm a feeling… Jesus YOU PEOPLE need to stop worrying about everyone else cause you have nothing going on in your own pathetic lives. This infuriates me because what does the stupid flag have to do with any of you. Find a hobby.

      • ME

        A flag has plenty to do with this country, or don’t they teach you that and history of America any more? You are either young, stupid or both. If you’re from NEPA, you won’t get any special treatment from the idiots you are supporting in this debate.

  • DAN


  • Michelle

    It’s disheartening to see all of the ignorance and thinly veiled racism throughout this thread. We live in a country made up of immigrants from a variety of places throughout the globe. I wouldn’t be surprised if some posters on there have grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents etc. that came here from other countries. This group is not trying to replace the American flag with the Dominican flag. If any group wants to have their heritage recognized through raising a flag, as long as it is not flown higher than the American flag, then they should be allowed to do so. When we celebrate St. Patrick’s day and display the Irish flag in the area, you don’t see people saying “Go back to Ireland.” If in this case, the flag was Italian or Irish, there probably would not be such backlash. The racial and ethnic makeup of the U.S. is evolving, and it is sad that so many close minded people in this area cannot be more accepting.

    • ME

      Did our ancestors demand the things this new group of crud does? No? Then keep quiet. You should go join them in leaving this country.

    • Concerned American Citizen

      Michelle…. yes we all came here as immigrants. .. however we adapted to our new place of residency… we took to their language. …. we got jobs and made names for ourselves…. we didnt disrespect the chance at a better life here in America.. we kept our customs cultures and beliefs…. proud of our heritage however even more proud to call ourselves Americans! If we wanted to show off our heritage our nationality we did so in our own homes.. but still respected others by realizing that there are many cultures races etc out there…. there is one thing we should all remember all who came here from another country was made a US citizen… this is not bring your coubty to America.. if we did that America would no longer be…. if they are so proud of being dominican and being free… then why are they here…. if there country is so great then why come to america…. respect is what it comes down too….RESPECT!

      • Vanessa

        Ok, but our ancestors had much more time to adapt.. Why can’t they have a chance now just like our ancestors were given? Because of unenlightened people wanting to get in the way and act like they actually have a say in what goes on. Our president who runs “your” country is Black if you haven’t noticed so maybe its time for you to move if your so unhappy with other human beings because they don’t have the same skin color as you. Take a look around the website your on and look at all the corruption and drug dealers, molesters, etc. FYI most of them are white.

    • Mad In Hazleton

      March 3, 2014 at 12:27 pm

      Oh spare me your liberal bleeding heart BS…my grandparents came from Italy by way of Ellis Island with $12 bucks in his pocket….he and then my grandmother learned English, and spoke it while shopping out town. The big difference is my grandparents they where proud to be in america the Latino’s are not…..

    • C. Ronemus

      The racism and bigotry displayed against whites is not thinly veiled though. We have become such a melting pot (that’s a good thing) that I don’t believe that there are very many all white families. I know mine isn’t. My fifth great grandfather was the first Hispanic to settle in Monroe County. In more modern times we have a representation from all the races. The issue is the motto on your money and on The Great Seal of the country. E Pluribus Unum. Yes I studied Latin too, it was required. It means out of many one. A country cannot survive with all of us splitting into tribal units. Look at the Middle East. They aren’t just at war with us. They have been at war with each other for thousands of years.

    • Mary

      As for the Irish immigrants, they came here and worked in the mines for pennies. Many of them lost their lives because of the poor working conditions. They fought for a better life and in the end, they lost theirs. So you can not compare the immigrants of today with those of years gone by. Their flag is flown because they have contributed to making America what it is today. Many immigrants come here not for a better life but for what is given freely to them. I have met students that are born in New York but consider themselves Dominicans not Americans.This is embedded into their heads by family members that have come here many years ago reapping the benefits and denying this country as their home. President Kennedy stated, “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”

  • Patriot14

    There is a simple solution- victor should give Barry sotero a call and complain; maybe he could help. I’m sure he voted for him anyway!

  • C. Ronemus

    The phrase “You people” is a very bigoted phrase. It infers that others are inferior. On the other hand, I don’t consider patriot to be an insult.

  • C. Ronemus

    In the year 2014 we are supposed to never fight back with our enemies? This person would be considered an enemy of the state and deported or jailed in any other country. In this country too until 2009 when we rolled over.

    • ME

      Right you are. We need to impeach the likes of Obama and many in Congress and on the Supreme Court. If PA votes to change our current flag law, we should impeach them too.

    • C. Ronemus

      The Irish also faced problems here when the came illegally. The Brits claimed the country and Americans took it from them.

      • ME

        And your point is? I hate to tell you but millions of people didn’t come here illegally and demand things for themselves that cost this country and state, money. Go away.

    • ME

      Only if you lead the way. At least our ancestors came here legally and assimilated. This is our country and we aren’t going anywhere either.

      • Vanessa

        Yeah keep banging your chest.. The only place your going is hell because your hating on other people because of politics and your own sense of entitlement. Like really you made your name on here ME so when you read the threads its easier to find what you wrote. Don’t break a blood vessel over there buddy! haha

  • Vanessa

    I shouldn’t say I can’t believe the ignorance on this thread, because you people are obviously so close minded and honestly totally idiotic, But that’s exactly why you don’t realize. What do you even care? Your talking about places that Americans go on vacation, along with tons of other countries.. DR, Mexico, Puerto Rico and calling them shitholes? That’s called paradise. You people are just jealous because you probably never ventured out of Hazleton! Which is in FACT a huge SHITHOLE and so is pretty much all of NEPA. Also, Calling Dominicans drug dealers, murderers, and leeches of social services is ridiculous.. There are tonsss of white people who do worse especially being leeches, acting like your on disability or have some type of fictitious problem so you can lay around all day doing nothing with your lives and complain about what other people are doing wrong.. When last time I checked the hispanic culture was always very hard working. This thread shows what type of education you get in your beloved Hazleton. It’s 2014 people, worry about yourself and your own families.

    • ME

      When it comes to ignorance and not seeing beyond your own narrow view, you win first prize. Stop with the same boring lines and lies and deal with the subject at hand.

    • C. Ronemus

      If you looked beyond yourself at the current situation on our border with Mexico you would realize that we are mindful of the danger to our families. Even our progressive government has issued travel warnings for Mexico, or your paradise.

      • Vanessa

        I’m so sorry your afraid for your families danger.. Stay in your bubble of hate. Teach it to your kids, make them grow up to be what you think AMERICANS should. No wonder why we have so many problems in this country, scumbag.

      • C. Ronemus

        The only person on this topic that sounds like a hater is you. Too bad about Miami. I remember it when it was beautiful. Yes I am that old. I can also remember when Allentown was a clean and safe city. I no longer visit Miami or Allentown. The same thing is happening in small towns all over the country. Its an invasion that our government ignores because the political class doesn’t have to live with it. Speaking of class, you don’t appear to have any. That is part of the problem. You are a toddler screaming and kicking because you can’t have your way. You think you have the right to give this country away if you want to. Somehow I get the idea that you are part of the cultural force that destroyed Miami.

    • Mad In Hazleton

      Dear Vanessa,
      Let me inform I have lived in PR for 6 months and have traveled around the island, except for the tourist locations yes the rest of the island is a kraphole………….same goes for the other locations you mentioned, if they are such paradises then why all you people coming here??????
      Now as for the drug dealer comment, if you look at the segment of population bring the crime to the Hazleton area it is the Latino population in general, fact don’t lie Vanessa……
      and as for all the white people you say are on disability or what ever, at least they are legal Americans……

    • joe

      Last time I looked at the calender Saint Patricks day is on said calender and is celebrated in the U.S. I don’t see anything about the Dominican Republic Independence day on the calender. I want to fly the American flag in the Dominican Republic on the 4th of July Mr. Perez so why don’t you go back to your country and rally on that for me.

  • David Pekala

    I have one question for Mr. Perez. Would the Dominican Republic government permit the hoisting and flying of the Stars and Stripes alongside their flag on 4 July. I am guessing the answer would be no. It is you who is being divisive and not the citizens of Hazleton.

    • ME

      Well said, David. All these new people want to do is play a hand in doing away with traditions and other things that are American, so we can be one big, multicultural area and Americans are too stupid to see it.

  • Mad In Hazleton

    Does anybody know if this Victor Perez is here legally?? we need to check into this guys background…….
    Good luck trying to get the law changed, you think that’s important to the Pa law makers???? Nope, I’m sure we can put forth our own lobbying effort to stop you…Victor Perez you may want to tread lightly you know the old saying S..T happens.

  • Patriot14


  • CCKM

    Victor Perez, what you’re doing is disrespectful and disruptive. You’re being nothing more than a troublemaker, or perhaps you have your sights set on being mayor; what a way to go about it, inciting division, unless, of course, your goal is to have only Dominican residents in Hazleton! You know all too well that native flags can be hung on private property, sailed at parades honoring heritage holidays but you do not and should not ask us to fly the Dominican flag on USA governement property!

  • maureen

    Seriously considering this is still America for the time being. The only flag flown should be American. Take your protests back to your country. If you are so proud to be Dominican why the hell are you here . Victor Perez go back to the rock you crawled out from under. You make us sick

  • Jim Brony

    There is nothing wrong with them wanting to display their flag, proud of their heritage and homeland. Just like you see Italian, Polish, German, Irish, and all other kinds of flags displayed. But here – in this country – there is only one flag that SHALL be flown higher and larger than all others – and that is Old Glory. Sorry Victor – I respect your pride – and please – proudly fly your flag at home or at any private establishment – but city hall or any other government office – only room for one.

  • Christine

    The country in which you are residing is the United States of America, not the Dominican Republic. If you want to fly the Dominican flag in a municipal building feel free to do so- in the Dominican Republic! God bless the USA… And God help us!


    If they want to fly their flag they can go back to their own country and do it. Just because the city is overrun with those jobless leaches on the American economy doesn’t mean the flag should fly, although if it did it would certainly be a symbol to the people why the city is the run down S**thole that it is…

  • ME

    If they are given permission to fly this flag, I hope American citizens will protest to the hilt! I am tired of this BS. It’s time for Americans to stand up for America. Write your Congressmen and Judges!

  • ME

    Then they wonder why people hate them. Wake up America! This is just a preview of what is to come. Get out of this country, lowlives!

  • Patty

    Absolutely ridiculous!!!!! If they are citizens then they can honor the AMERICAN flag. If not, feel free to fly the dominican flag in your country. When do we americans get our country back?????? This country is going down so quickly :( I’m scared to think wha tthe future holds for my daughter.

      • C. Ronemus

        It appears that you are one of the haters of the country. Have you considered why we have these laws in the first place? Probably not since history is no longer taught in our schools. The first thing that happens when a conquering force takes over the country is that they plant their flag. Can you think of anything good your fellow Americans have done for this country or do you concentrate on the bad? It seems to me there ought to be equal coverage.

  • Jennifer


  • C. Ronemus

    If they are naturalized citizens they took an oath to this country and severed loyalty to the old country. Does this not mean anything to them? Can they have their citizenship revoked for breaking the oath?

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