A Nod To Avanti’s “History”

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DUNMORE -- A cigar company in Lackawanna County with quite the history was featured on the History Channel Friday morning.

Avanti Cigar in Dunmore has been making Italian cigars for 102 years and employees say it's nice to get the national notoriety.

Avanti Cigar's president Dominic Keating dressed up as someone in his job might have back in the 1920s. It was a trip down memory lane for a promotion on the company's website, something the company never expected would appear on the History Channel.

There certainly is a lot of history at the Avanti Cigar factory in Dunmore. A video production company shared its footage with the cable channel which produced the show News Watch TV without Avanti knowing. It was a pleasant surprise when employees got to see themselves on national TV before heading into work.

"Absolutely, to get us out there, to get our new product out there, to let people know what we're selling, get great business for us. I think it's great," said worker Brandi Luscavage.

The History Channel special was a surprise to the folks at Avanti Cigar.

It was even more of a surprise though that they were featured on a show about new technology since most of their technology was designed in the 1920s. The newest machine was designed in 1972 with the clinks and clanks of machinery that is still functional in an age of high technology, computers and the internet.

"They were also very interested in how we're using a modern website to validate a rather antique product," Keating said.

Keating says the show will help Avanti market a new line of products, with a new look and new packaging but still made the old-fashioned way.

"It was very pleasing to know that our area is still known to the whole country as a cigar-making area," Keating said.

The show will be aired 200 more times on the History Channel and the Biography Channel.

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