Two Arrests For Stealing Copper From Historic Resort

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- A historic and abandoned resort in the Poconos continues to attract all sorts of crime. Police say most of that crime involves ripping apart the resort for money.

Two men are locked up for not only trespassing onto Buck Hill Falls property but also stealing copper piping to buy drugs, according to police.

The men were caught thanks to the caretaker who patrols the grounds.

Christopher Petyo of New Jersey and George Kerr of Tannersville are accused of stealing copper from inside Buck Hill Inn near Mountainhome more than once.

"Justice is served," said John Styk.

Styk is the caretaker of the Buck Hill Inn, which means he's on daily patrol of the property.

"Every day I go around the inn and I check everything when I come to a break-in or copper theft, whatever it is, I report it to the police and Buck Hill security."

Police say he's the one who reported this copper theft which happened in late January because he noticed something at the inn wasn't right and immediately contacted police.

Each time Kerr and Petyo would trespass onto Buck Hill's property to steal copper, police say they would take that copper to a local scrap yard to get money to support their drug habit.

"It's taken a toll on the inn. I hope one day the inn gets back up and running, maybe not to the capacity it used to be, but to restore a portion of it," said Barrett Township Police Chief Steven Williams.

Buck Hill Inn closed in the 1990s. Since then police say it's been an attraction for thieves and others who ignore the posted "private property" signs on the Buck Hill Inn property.

"The inn has always been a place where teenagers would typically go to do their ghost hunting.  As you're aware ever since MTV produced that show Fear, it's been a continuous problem for us," said Chief Williams.

To those out there considering dropping by, the caretaker of the property has a warning.

"Stay away or you're going to get caught."

Police say they were able to connect George Kerr and Christopher Petyo to the crime using DNA testing on the copper piping.

Police say they crime at Buck Hill Inn happens regularly, and they expect more people will be arrested for stealing copper from the place near Mountainhome.


  • George V

    Want to catch these guys… just check the local buyers of copper… it’s simple, they have a long list of druggies who sell them copper on a daily basis. 90% of local copper sales… are these type of druggies…day after day.

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