Big Art Project for Little League

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT -- In the midst of this harsh winter, it is refreshing to think ahead to summer. That's exactly what fifth graders from schools in Lycoming and Sullivan Counties did on Thursday.

Even though it is still winter and Lamade Stadium is covered in snow, the kids have baseball fever. Three dozen fifth grade students from Lycoming and Sullivan Counties came to the Little League World Series Complex in South Williamsport to help put together a piece of artwork for Little League's 75th anniversary.

"They really get into the cutting and the gluing party and getting their hands dirty to make my work 3D," artist Charles Fazzino said.

Fazzino is an artist based out of New York. He has spent the past several months designing the piece. Fazzino put the artwork together with help from a group of kids from schools in the area.

"I was one of out of five students chosen to be here out of our school district," Azelyn Hein said.

"Out of 62 kids, I am surprised I am one of the two," Emily Geist said.

Each one of the kids decorated a miniature baseball, which they glued down to the frame of the artwork. Each of those baseballs symbolizes what the Little League World Series means to those students.

"I just wrote Sullivan County Little League and I put a heart on it," Olivia Harney said.

"So why are you making a hot dog? Tell me about that."
"Because they sell hot dogs at the Little League baseball games," Jasper Andrews said.

Many of these students attend the Little League World Series as fans and look forward to being part of it. People from all over the world will admire their creation.

"I think it's really cool because I'm excited that they're going to see my artwork," Harney said.

The finished product will be on display at the Little League Museum during this year's Little League World Series in August.