Arrest in Connection with Fight at Bloomsburg University

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BLOOMSBURG — A young man has been arrested in connection with a fight at Bloomsburg University.

Angel Cruz is a student at Kutztown University in Berks County. Police believe he took part in a fight at a party in Bloomsburg over the weekend which left one person in a coma.

Police said they anticipate more arrests.

Kutztown University officials said Cruz has been suspended from the football team.


  • ME

    How nice to leave someone in a coma. What is wrong with the youth of today that violence is the answer to so much? I understand a combination of age, drinking, words being said etc. can fuel a fight, but this type of thing just seems to happen too much nowadays.

    • Jackie

      In defense of angel,I know his mother since middle school! This young man held it together and made it to college! In no shape or way do I think he intended to harm this other young man in the way he did! No violence is not the answer but I also understand the bond team player can have sometime! Let’s not cast stone too fast!

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