Three Cuffed, Accused of Dealing Drugs

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TOWANDA — Two men and a woman were arrested after police raided a home in Bradford County on Friday.

Officers said Tyrone Garrett, 22, and Tahmir Hammond, 23, were being investigated for dealing marijuana in Towanda.  Police said the two men were on parole and wanted for running away from a half-way house.

On Friday, authorities issued a warrant and arrested the two men at a home on Chestnut Street in Towanda. Officers said they found marijuana, cash, and drug paraphernalia.

Police said a woman, Christine Ierardi, 22, was at the home with her baby.  Police arrested her and contacted child youth services for the infant.

All three are currently behind bars.


  • Eric

    Most of the people who post hateful comments should learn to properly read and write before they criticize anyone else. I forgot that is why people in this area are so critical of others, it’s a way to feel better about their own disgusting behavior and shortcummings. LOL. This area is the only place I have lived or visited where locals ridicule others for bettering themselves. This region never had a chance to be anything but a haven for addicts and criminals.

  • Alexa

    Some of these comments are truly sad. Do these people have nothing better to do with their lives? First of all marijuana should be legal anyway, second, you do not know anything about these kids to be making such assumptions. Things are always blown out of proportion in the media, and no one ever knows the whole story. It’s truly unfair to be judging others when we have all made mistakes in the past we are not proud of.

  • akbaby

    The only reason to be upset is knowing your tax dollars were just spent in the attempt to prosecute another victimless crime. 3 people got busted for marijuana in Towanda. This is rewarding? This area has been recognized by mass media as ‘Meth Valley’…but make sure to get those people that have marijuana and bongs.

  • CCKM

    Race is irrelevant here because I know plenty of both white trash AND ghetto thugs that abide in NEPA whether they were born and bred, or it they migrated here it’s inconsequential. interracial relationships have been going on in urban environments for years, even in some places here and that has nothing to do with it. It’s about ignorance, bad home environments, and slim pickings for any kind of future. These young adults don’t want to start from the bottom up, and many of then can’t even get a job because they’ve been doing time since they’re 15, girls getting impregnated by losers since they’re 15 rather than use birth-control and our young adults are falling into a black hole by the droves because we can’t dig out of the mess we’re in fast enough for them. The minimum wage cannot support them so that they can live independently. Throw 5 of ’em in a house to share for rent and they can’t stay out of trouble for some stupid reason. They can’t live at home because they don’t want to follow the rules of functional household’s so they get tossed out the door. The only recourse now is to make it unpleasant enough for them so they turn their lives around, else they just come back out IF they do any time at all and do the same crimes over again and again and again.

  • Sarah&Joey

    I would not have guessed they were up to no good…. please wake up world soon this won’t be a crime since people want to legalize marijuana! I wish i lived a 100years ago when this garbage got settled outside on the street and people were cheered for keeping riff raff out.

  • Jim

    Well you wonder why we stereotype …..hmmm…. I think the problem is still the same I don’t even need to say it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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