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Police Bust Up Suspected Meth Lab, Toddler Found Inside

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BERWICK ---Police said they busted up another suspected methamphetamine lab on Monday in Berwick.

Authorities said they found a three year-old girl in the home along Orange Street and said a group of adults were cooking meth in the toddler's bedroom.

Police took the child to a hospital where doctors checked out the little girl.

Police arrested five people; Felicia Cressinger, 23, Lee Longenberger, 35,  Ashley Titman, 27, Elizabeth Walker, 47, and Floyd Walker, 42.

All five people are facing drug-related charges in Columbia County.

There have been more than 30 meth lab busts in Berwick since 2010.




  • Steve

    Hope they go to prison and stay for life, drug dealers ruin our area. I have NO MERCY FOR CRIMINALS but hey lets face facts, they want to legalize marijuana now! Yes that is right the world is screwed there is no pride or ethics in people today. I have lost faith in the future.

  • e

    Every time I read the comments attached to a report about drugs in general it shows just how clueless people are. Ever since the coal boom in NEPA started to decline approximately fifty years ago the local economy has had to change to deal with that fact. This is common knowledge to most, but the part that most don’t seem to realise is that since that time drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers have been built in this area with growing frequency to help with those income gaps. You may be asking yourself why. When a community builds or allows to be built a facility inside their borders that deals with drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation, or housing projects and the homeless lets not forget that, the annual funds received by that city from the federal government is increaded as long as that facility is open. Again, why? The fed knows that accepting these people into your community will cause certain problems within that community, so they increase funding as a way to offset these expected problems. My point is that in the past fifty years NEPA has been groomed to be a dumping ground for addicts, among other things. The economy of NEPA relies heavily on addiction. This is the point where the oversensitive citizens get angry, but that won’t help you. Thinking there are only a “few bad apples” to use local parlance is ignorant and what caused this in the first place. This area cannot be saved with the mentality that currently exists. Denial.

  • CCKM

    he bottom line is this; there was always evil in the world. Consider ancient Rome, the days of slavery and the oppression of women, and in other parts of the world it’s even worse wherein they don’t even punish REAL crimes…God will tire of all of it too, these days just like He did before and end those who are evil. Just because drug addicts need treatment to get off the stuff, doesn’t make it an “illness” in the classic sense. What needs addressed is the mind behind the madness. Sometimes people just won’t change.

  • The working class

    Why is it that people are constantly considering a drug addiction to be in same lines as a health problem? Cancer, diabetes, heart disease ext. are health problems not consciously cooking meth selling them to our kids and ruining our once respecteded town. These people should rot in jail. They are putting our families and friends at risk. Wake up people! Berwick used to be known for sports but now it’s herein or meth labs. Sell this shot to my kids and I’m going to give you health problems.

    • CCKM

      Preach! You should run for mayor of Berwick! The law enforcement in many places is stepping up and cleaning up, but it is all for naught unless our judicial system makes if a problem for these criminals, not sick people, but criminals to continue in this life-style. And I am with you, if someone sold a shot to my kid they better find a good place to hide. I found out someone sold spice to my kid, I am still on the lookout for him, but word is he is in prison. He better not show his ugly mug in our town again or God help him. My son didn’t get off EZ either for doing something so stupid, he was under “house arrest” for half the summer that year, happy birthday to him.
      And I know first hand it’s not a disease, when I got high when I was young it was because I was stupid and I wanted to get high, I wasn’t sick at all..until after the drugs made me physically sick! Much the same way alcohol can make you sick. The behavior or act of drug addiction or alcoholism is just that; an act of a decision based on an individual’s behavior(s) or current persona.

  • bitch

    The grandmother should have been charged too by the sounds of it she knew about it going on why didn’t she take the little girl and leave

    • CCKM

      IKR? Boggles the mind! Because it’s all they ever knew? Was a lifestyle of crime? Indifference? Dysfunction seems to be the new normal, and we have to reverse that majorly erroneous concept. It blew my mind when I moved to this area that illiteracy existed among people born in this country in the 21st Century, so what are they going to learn if they cannot read? And even if they can read, if somehow their lives are so boxed in how will they learn anything else? Or it’s simply a matter of people who have been living on the fringe of society for so long, they know nothing else? It’s the 21 century but they’re living in the dark ages at a time in history when there should be no dark ages. Therefore, that leads me to believe it is a conscious choice not to become a decent and productive person at that stage of the game.

  • Jonathan M.

    I don’t know if all these drug busts in a single, not very big town is a good thing (shows the law cares about the people footing their paychecks) or a bad thing (showing that there are that many stupid people in a small area that don’t give a rat’s … back end about the rest of the community, or in this case, their own children). But either way, way to go Berwick PD

  • SMH

    This is in Columbia County, the police rarely risk their lives in anything they do, and the system needs to treat drug addiction like a health problem not a criminal problem. Prison sentences are already too harsh in our judicial system. The revolving door problem is due to lack of rehabilitation not lack of punishment.

    • CCKM

      Couldn’t agree more, to say it’s a health problem is an insult to medicine AND to those with REAL health problems! The drug problems are behavioral and spiritual ones and that’s how they should be treated and addressed, and yes, stiffer punishments are way over due! Send these people overseas to work with and for the less fortunate and let’s see how they life wasting their lives and the lives of others in a nation that fought so hard for so long to have not only a free country but a clean and safe one for it’s citizens! Or better, maybe there is some work they could do here ALONG with prison time as long as it doesn’t put law-abiding citizens out of a job.

    • chevellechic0107

      Prison sentences for drug offenses are not harsh enough. Lock then up and throw away the key. These people were making meth in a three year Olds bedroom and you want to coddle them and have sympathy? Seriously get your head checked.

  • Capt Bogart

    Nice job Task Force! Now you need to stop by Susquehanna County, PA, and show their Task Force how to arrest the drug dealers.

    First off our nation’s judicial system has failed to protect the people. If its intent was to make money, then the Judicial system has achieved success. In our county, law enforcement risks their lives arresting these people, then the Judicial system fines them, then continues to use the revolving door on these criminals. The Judicial System keeps releasing these people back out to commit their next crime. The system is already counting money from their next occurrence.

    • desiree

      I don’t understand how the grandmother didn’t get charged with anything not even endangering the welfare of a minor 😢

  • Chuck Biscuits

    Look at those smushy face assclowns.. That’s what the gak will do to ya… With a little girl in the house no less.. Cripes.. Lock ’em up and throw away the key..

  • snow .

    I feel this way people that do meth or make it are some dumb people . and I feel the cops and fire fighters and fire police are doing a great job . but people should think before they do that dumb stuff ..

    • CCKM

      That stuff cooks your brain, so they cease to think, going at a 100mph! What makes it worse is when they take other stuff along with it! What I don’t especially get is the older folks STILL doing it! Keep it up and your heart WILL explode and/or your nervous system implode. And to have a little baby girl on the premises? For shame! These mug shots look like zombies! You want to know something even scarier? The base component for ADHD drugs is methamphetamine. Sweet…they give that stuff to kids legally. Horrifying. That drug should only be used for narcoleptics..
      Now 30 meth lab busts in the last 3 years? approximately 10 per year? It’s time these speed-freaks do MORE time, arevolving door is at play me thinks!

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