Months Later, Shooting Still Haunts Some

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ROSS TOWNSHIP -- It's been almost seven months since the deadly shooting during a township supervisor's meeting near Saylorsburg.

Since then, there's been a lot of debate in the community over whether meetings should continue to be held in the same building where three people were killed.

Some township officials believe the meetings should go on.  However, one former township official is still haunted by that day and refuses to return to his position or the municipal building.

Inside the Ross Township Municipal Building Near Saylorsburg, the chairs are lined up, a map of Ross Township is on display. The big difference now is a security guard watches over people who enter and leave building.

But even with security, the building still haunts David Sweazy who used to be part of the Recreation and Park Committee in Ross Township.

"It was such a tragic event. I felt such a shock by the whole incident. I just really didn't want to go back to that building," said Sweazy.

The tragic event Sweazy is talking about is when police say Rockne Newell - who was upset over a land dispute - fired several shots at the Ross Township Municipal Building during a supervisors meeting in August.

Three people were killed and others injured.

David Sweazy missed that meeting and soon after, he quit the park committee.

The committee will soon be meeting again, at the Ross Township municipal building.

The Ross Township Supervisors have held their monthly meetings inside the Ross Township municipal building since January.

But for former park committee member David Sweazy, it's still too soon for him to come back here for a meeting.

"Not at this time. Not now. I won't say never, but not now," said Sweazy.

But not all Ross Township residents feel the same way.

"It's happened. Move on," said Erika Miller of Ross Township.

"I think they should go there and try to forget what happened," said Grace Hayes also of Ross Township.

The next Ross Township Supervisor's meeting will be held Monday, March 3 at the Ross Township municipal building.


  • mdog

    Sadly our society processes its own like cattle.
    The man worked all his life for his property.
    These things should never be taken from the
    right full owner to pay taxes which end up in some one else’s pocket.
    If this does not teach us that nothing will.

  • Clint

    I think it would be funny to go there and yell “BANG”. Yet on the other hand, i can bet they are very careful to whom they try to boss around with their local ordinances anymore huh? Guy wasn’t hurting anyone and they backed him into a corner, what did they expect? Fvc the survivors.

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