Lansford Shooting Victims in Critical Condition

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LANSFORD -- Police said two people are in critical condition after a shooting late Saturday night in Carbon County.

Authorities said shots were fired inside a home in the 400 block of West Patterson Street in Lansford.

Police said that Melissa Price and Levi Zagata were involved in a domestic dispute that lead to the shooting.

Detectives said they have not determined who pulled the trigger.

Price is the children's mother. Zagata is the children's uncle.

Authorities said four children, between the ages of 4 and 12 were in the home at the time. They were not hurt in the shooting and are now staying with relatives.

Police said there has been trouble at the home before. In 2012, the children's father, David Zagata was arrested for allegedly kidnapping Levi, his brother, at knifepoint.

On Sunday neighbors sat on the stoop trying to make sense of what happened.

"It's horrible, just horrible, I feel so bad for the children and of course the victims," Sherry Shellhammer said.


  • kayla

    does anyone ever stop and think of the children involved . Maybe thats why there is no more facts right now . take in to consideration of those kids. Now im close to the family and they shouldnt have to releaye every little detail of the shooting . people shpuld think how they would feel in this situation !!

  • Dawn Brobst

    GIVE them a break Clarence… maybe you knew about it one hr after it happened but not everybody did… and MAYBE at the time of their reporting it, they DIDNT have all the details yet or maybe they cant release that info yet due to other circumstances like notifying the rest of the family… MAYBE the family requested to wait to release names until a more accurate detail and condition is known…

    • CCKM

      Yep, it’s called “breaking news” for those who haven’t heard of it! Like all stories, the details unfold as they are told. Those are follow-up stories, we go back and read more to find out how the situations are resolved or not. And right, sometimes family members are not yet notified, sometimes they request that no details to their personal crises are revealed. However, I think if a community at large is affected due to a criminal offense; that request is denied or irrelevant.

    • Bunny Cop

      They’re (news media) are all in such a rush to be the ones to “break” the story that they could care less if they get the story wrong or lack any or all of the facts. Ever been at the scene of an event covered by the news? How many facts did they get wrong? I’ll make it easier for you, how many facts did they get right? I’ve seen events happen first hand that was covered by the media and they never get their facts straight.

  • Clarence Kropp

    Wow we knew all this an hour after it happened. Tell us something we don’t know, like who and why the shooting happened.

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