Man Locked up, Accused of Child Luring

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PITTSTON -- A man is behind bars for allegedly trying to lure a child into his vehicle in Luzerne County. It happened Friday evening on Mill and North Main Streets in Pittston. Police said Robert Monaco of Nanticoke approached a group of children on the corner and told a girl to get into his vehicle. When the children began to walk away, officers said Monaco followed in his vehicle, cursing and threatening them. The children were able to describe Monaco and give his license plate number. Police found and arrested him. Authorities said, while Monaco was in a holding cell he smashed a light, and put a piece of glass to his neck, threatening to cut himself. Police said they told Monaco to drop the glass, but he wouldn't, so they tased him. Monaco was taken to the hospital, and he is now locked up in the Luzerne County Jail.


  • Another Victim

    Hey, the predator is out on bail and frequenting Birchwood trailer park in Exeter. 5th street/6th street . One of the places smells like a meth lab… really . Saw him standing by a green ford explorer. Probably peepin’ the youngins’ . Be on the look-out.

  • Ann

    Bobby is willing to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence, what about the accuser, is She willing to do the same ?

  • Ann

    Most of Bobby charges were dropped, he has 2 remaining charges, and trying to lure a minor was changed to corruption of a minor, as far as resisting arrest, still holds, but he resisted being beaten while in the holding cell. All he did that night was to stop and ask for directions, the group of young adults gave him a hard time and he got out of his car and argued with them. The older woman then took his licence number, and lied about his actions, An innocent man, sits in prison because of someone’s lies. This man is a hard worker, he is not a man to do this to children.The only thing he is guilty of, is being drunk and lost that night, he is not from this area, and needed directions ..wish someone would look at the truth…

    • Another Victim

      He knew very well where he was that night. He’s been in the area for over 10 years. He has friends who live in Pittston. How can he be “lost ” on Main St. ? Furthermore, his copilot, who ran from the scene, was born and raised in the Wyoming Valley !
      An educated analalogy would narrow his exiting the vehicle in a tirade down to his being rejected by what he viewed as potential prey. (And no one turns down a “Rock Star” !) Sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll !
      His copilot and his behaviors can be viewed on April 25th at the Luzerne County Court House, 3rd floor, courtroom 2, 1:30pm, in front of Judge Voughn. Harry W. Everhart, defendant. See y’all there! Including you Gloria !

  • Another Victim

    Another day gone by and the predator co-pilot is still on the lamb. What can possibly be the delay with capture? Is that Everhart character coated in teflon or what? Read a previous comment thst this violent animal is highly abusive towards the elderly to boot. What’s up with law envorcement these days? Lets “Gitter done” fellas!

  • Another Victim

    Hey! That long haired freak’s passenger is still at large! He was spotted ar a gas station with some woman recently….a plus sized woman. He was driving a white van. Hey, wasn’t there some other attempted abduction by someone driving a white van recently? Think that incident was covered in the media briefly. Choice Building Services Inc. In Plains has a small fleet of white vans…some with company I.D., some without. Maybe just a coincidence . Then again, who knows…yet. Wasn’t it mentioned that Monaco’s copilot is an “under the radar” employee for that company ? WOW and WHOA.

  • Victim

    How come Monaco’s passenger has not been picked up yet? Yes, there was a passenger…Harry W. Everhart the 3rd. Probably skipped state working under the radar for his employer, Choice Bldg. Services Incorporatd. Probably has a young woman with him more than likely. Hope that she doesn’t have any children. Probably putting on the aire of a prince for her yet he’s highly abusive. Has many warrants on his head already for physically and financially abusing the elderly. He should have never been aloud to be released to th street to begin with.

  • Missy B.

    Well if him nd his side kick Harry everhart 111 weren’t so much alike nd learned to really love a women they wouldn’t have a problem also they need to put down the crack pipe nd do something with their life nd stay far away from the kids they made! they both need help with hiv nd hep c iraq

  • me

    IT DOES NOT MATTER IF HE WAS DRUNK! are you kidding me!? this is sick and NOTHING can justify luring in young kids! he should be KILLED!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t judge until both sides of the story are heard. This man has a family and saying should have let him bleed out isn’t right under any circumstance. He is also loved and he is kind when sober. Drugs and alcohol played a role in this incident and frame of mind and it would have never happened otherwise. Keep your head up Bob. People are jerks but not everyone. You still have people there for you.

    • MARY

      The Devil at his Works, did this while under influence,must cross his mind when sober,would’nt want him around my SON ever.

    • Who are you?

      I know your concerned about your friend,it just is not good!If he decided to nab kids,then he decides to destroy himself!

      • CCKM

        IKR SMH, kids’ safety comes first. And if he is your friend? I would wonder about you as well, and as for having a family, there is nothing new about pathetic women who stick with loser men. Whether he is your friend, someone’s husband, father, priest, beggar man, joker, or thief, doesn’t mean a bloody thing. It’s what you are, not who you are!

  • mdog

    I helped catch/reported one of these zombos and testified
    and put him away for a few years long ago.
    Years later caught another attempting to abduct 2 little girls
    i wasn’t allowed to use my baseball bat…shucks.Had the police and fire debt. hot on his trail, they got him.
    Both where into drugs-fried.

    • Terry S.

      just goe to Maryland get some no tax booze ,get drunk at c camper ,practice shooting his mugshots with our airguns.Were the real Americans.

    • hater

      Listen he is the original drummer from twisted sister he was the drummer from 1973 to 1978 I did the math they kicked him out after a battle with drugs and he was out of hand so they kicked him out so yes its true he was the original drummer from twisted sister

      • Amm

        Ummm do the math!!! He is 50/51 yrs old. In 1973 he would have been wY to young to be touring with Twisted Sister. You’ve been had.

      • CCKM

        I used to see them live all the time, in the 80’s, not in ’73…couldn’t play in the clubs if they’re my age in ’73! Can’t say that I recognize him?

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