Water Damage to Historical Mansion

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STROUDSBURG -- The heavy wet snow on rooftops is still causing problems in our area.

This time, at a historical building in the Poconos, more than 200 years old.

Buckets are collecting water and randomly placed throughout the Stroud Mansion on Main Street in Downtown Stroudsburg.

In other areas, rags are sitting on shelves to absorb the water.

The water started pouring out of the ceiling and down the walls once the snow on the rooftop started to melt.

"I have never seen so much water come between two buildings. It really did look like a waterfall," said Amy Leiser, the Executive Director of the Monroe County Historical Association.

Here's a look at where the water started, in the attic, where the Stroud Mansion and an addition meet.

Volunteers put a plastic tarp between the crack to make sure the water goes into a bucket.

"Our goal was to stop it at each floor. It did get through the second and third floor.  But did stop at the first floor," said Leiser.

Across the street is Little Angels Cafe and Catering.

Owner Angeline Gilroy was stunned when she heard about all the damage inside the Stroud Mansion from the heavy snow on its roof.

"It's definitely a big part of the community," said Gilroy.

Gilroy sends many of her customers over to the Stroud Mansion and said it's a cornerstone in the community.

"It takes you back in time, you don't realize what it looks like inside. That's why I tell everyone who comes in here, 'you have to go in and see it for yourself.' It's definitely something to see," said Gilroy.

The Monroe County Historical Association has applied for a grant in hopes to pay for a new roof, which will cost $110,000.

Luckily the artifacts were spared the water damage and moved in to a safe area.

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