Still Cleaning Up From Winter Weather

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SCHUYLKILL COUNTY -- The sun shines brightly, begins to warm the ground and gives us a break from the bitter cold.

The sun helps melt the ice clogging some of the 500 storm drains in Schuylkill Haven. It also helps D.P.W. foreman Brian Murrary chip away at the ice.  With rain in the forecast, borough officials want the drains clear to avoid flooding.

"It's hard to know where every inlet is in town, but you try to picture them from the spring and summer. You can find them too when the melt starts and the water starts to puddle up. It usually means there is an inlet nearby," said Murray.

D.P.W. worker Glenn Mennich is tired of winter and looks forward to retiring and moving to the Caribbean next year.

When asked what his biggest stress would be after moving to Saint Martin, Mennich quipped, "Trying to find a lawn chair for the beach."

In Pottsville, the owner of Maroons Bar and Grill was spotted clearing some snow. He said the winter weather has hurt his business.

"When people get home at night and it's cold and mucky. They don't want to come out, so it's been a tough winter for us, but we're plugging along. Another thing is heating costs, they don't have a spendable income, so they don't have money to come out," said Bob Dittmar, owner of the bar.

Crews are still busy clearing the streets and parking spaces in Pottsville, loading the snow into trucks and hauling it away.

For some communities the snow removal has put a real strain on their budgets. That's why they hope Mother Nature is done for the season.