Sky-High Coaster to Cruise Through Knoebels in 2015

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ELYSBURG -- With all the awful winter weather, here's a story to give you warm thoughts of spring. A new ride will soon be coasting through Knoebels Amusement Resort. The park near Elysburg unveiled photos on Facebook and Twitter of plans for a new roller coaster.

After this summer, say goodbye to bumper boats at Knoebels and hello to a shiny new ride, the Knoebels Impulse.

"People have really looked forward to having a major attraction to Knoebels for quite some time without changing the face of what Knoebels truly is," said co-manager Brian Knoebel.

Brian Knoebel said he and the other fourth generation Knoebels traveled the country looking for the right coaster design. The last steel coaster Knoebels had was taken out several years ago to make room for another ride.

"A lot of our guests were upset, annoyed, disappointed that we took out a steel coaster," said Knoebel.

The Knoebels impulse will stand 98 feet tall with one big drop and several loops. It will replace the bumper boat pond and boat tag ride.

Knoebels posted photos of the new coaster on Facebook and Twitter.

Raymond Rittenhouse of Nanticoke goes to Knoebels every year.

"A wonderful place to go, a wonderful time no matter how old you are," said Raymond Rittenhouse, of Nanticoke.

We showed him pictures of the new coaster, and even though it won't be around until summer 2015, he said he's excited about it.

"I'm looking forward to it from pictures. It's just another great roller coaster. Them roller coasters that they got there. It's great to have a new one," said Rittenhouse.

One that Knoebels hopes will give even more people the impulse to visit.

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