Saving Your Car During Pothole Season

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LUZERNE COUNTY -- A break in the cold means car washes around Wilkes-Barre were packed with people caring for their cars and washing off the salt.  But the biggest car concern with this warm-up is potholes.

A ride to get to that car wash means a rough ride on Blackman Street.

"You are better off in a combat zone in a mine field than driving on these roads!" said Ted Harrison of Hanover Township.

AAA said potholes helped contribute to a record number of roadside assistance calls in January.

Drivers we spoke with do their best to avoid them.

"The potholes are so bad, I've been swerving every time I drive, it's bad," said Raeann Walton of Ashley.

"You just try to pay attention to where they're at and try to avoid them. That's what I do, " said Nicole Staniecki of Wilkes-Barre.

AAA said if you can't avoid them hit the potholes as slowly as you can and stay back from the car in front of you so you can spot the hole with enough time to hit the brakes. You can't always safely swerve.

"I'm scared that I'm going to hit somebody next to me that's coming the other direction, because that's how bad the potholes are," said Walton.

"And you have to watch out for everybody else, they don't know what to do. Always on the offense," said Jonathan Stempien of White Haven.

With the snow melt, water on the road can make a pothole look like a puddle. They aren't always easy to spot.

"During the day it's a lot easier but at night, very, very hard to see them. I try to go much slower than I usually drive, they're pretty bad, the worse I've even seen," said Andrea Yorkonis of Mountain Top.

AAA said one of the most important things you should do in pothole season is keep your tires fully inflated so they take the brunt of the force and before you get a flat tire, make sure your car has a spare since many new models don't.

And if you notice your car making any noises after a bumpy ride, get it checked out.