Snowbanks Along Floodgates to be Removed As Precaution

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WILKES-BARRE – City officials said snow piled against floodgates along Solomon Creek is expected to be removed this week, as a precaution due to the possibility of minor flash flooding as the snowpack starts to melt.

Luzerne County Emergency Management Agency Director Stephen Beknavich said the Susquehanna River is expected to stay well within its banks, but there could be some problems on creeks and streams.

"If we have any jamming of the ice, it can cause backup of the water that`s in the channel, it could rapidly flood areas where ice jams form,” said Beknavich.

Becky Babel lives on South Franklin Street near Solomon Creek, and said she’s worried about snow that is piled on the bridge.

"The floodgates, if some emergency happens, it's going to take time to get them cleared out,” said Babel.

Danielle Day told Newswatch 16 that she’s worried about her mother, who lives near Solomon Creek.

"It`s scary. I`m afraid of flooding, I mean, there`s so much snow. How are they going to get to the gates,” said Day.

Wilkes-Barre spokeswoman Liza Prokop said DPW crews have been busy removing snow from low-lying areas today, and crews are expected to move snow away from floodgates near Solomon Creek tomorrow.


  • Brian

    Maybe the city should focus some more money on fixing the wall along Brook St. If anyone has seen it they know what I’m talking about. It has holes in it and looks like it’s about to fall over. So clear that snow out of there and give yourself a pat in the back WB.

  • Bill

    That’s a sidewalk, public right of way, and it should have been cleared right after the storm(s). I’m sure the city makes everyone else clear their sidewalks, so what makes them any better???

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