East Stroudsburg Post Office to Reopen Thursday

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UPDATE: The post office in East Stroudsburg opened on time Thursday morning.

EAST STROUDSBURG -- A post office in the Poconos that closed after the roof started to leak is expected to reopen Thursday.

In the meantime, workers at a local construction company have had their work cut out for them.

Jeremy Kellerman of East Stroudsburg is one of several people who headed to his post office and was met with a sign that reads, “Due to a building emergency, the post office is now closed.”

“Kind of bummed actually.  I came out here just to get stamps,” said Kellerman.

The reason for the emergency closure is the amount of heavy snow that's sitting on the roof of the building.

A crew from GAK Construction in East Stroudsburg is removing the inches of snow using shovels and wheelbarrows so the post office can reopen.

"It's packed down because of the weather, the heat. So it's actually about 18 inches of snow still up there," said Angelo Borzio, owner of GAK Construction.

The crew had a busy day ahead of them because the size of the roof they needed to clear snow from is about the size of a football field.

"I think we have 12 guys up there right now, about eight wheelbarrows. We've been here since 8 a.m. and we might possibly have a third of it done so far," said Borzio.

While the men were on the roof removing the snow, Marcus Silva, who works in the maintenance department of the post office, was busy spreading salt on the icy walkway in the front of the building. He says he's thankful he isn't on the roof removing the snow.

"That's a really hard job," said Silva.

The spokesperson for the post office in East Stroudsburg says a structural engineer inspected the roof and says it's safe.

The post office in East Stroudsburg is expected to re-open Thursday at 8:30 a.m.

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