Snow Slowing Runners

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STROUDSBURG -- One group of people is getting a little antsy with all the snow: runners.

Some are using a little more caution and putting on miles indoors.

Anthony Grant gives the treadmill a workout at the Pocono Family YMCA in Stroudsburg.

"You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Pretty much with the weather outside, you have no choice," said Grant.

Grant is training for a half marathon in April and would much rather be training outside.

"That's about four to five days running outside but due to the weather obviously I can't do that so to compensate, I have been treadmill pretty much," said Grant.

We did find one runner making her way through the snow. She took care to maneuver around large piles of snow and ice on Sarah Street. But the sight was pretty uncommon.

Runners have to compete with slushy, icy sidewalks, in addition to huge icicles hanging from gutters.

"I try to stay on the road, the far end of the road. That's the best way I can put it as far as avoiding ice," said Grant.

The East Stroudsburg University Track and Field Team is also busy avoiding ice and are spending more days practicing inside.

"Sometimes it drags on, sometimes it feels like forever, it's awful," said Stephanie Soni, an ESU Junior.

The team tries to mix it up as they run around, and around, and around the track.

"You're running around here, I don't even know how many laps. We try to turn like every 15 minutes, which is like, terrible, it's not fun at all," said Steve Ruch, an ESU Junior.

Neither is the seemingly constant snowfall, making it difficult for many people to get around.

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