Dealership Deals with Winter, Construction

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HONESDALE -- A car dealership in Wayne County picked this winter to build a new showroom.

The weather has created problems for that plan, forcing the place in Honesdale to find a way to keep doing business as usual.

From the looks of things, the snow is taking up a lot of space in Honesdale .

Nowhere is that turning out to be more of a problem than at B & B Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

The dealership on Route 6 is growing, adding a new showroom and Steve Carmody Sr. could have never seen this winter coming.

"It's been quite a blow especially with the construction going, it's tough on all automobile dealers, everyone for that fact," said Carmody.

The construction combined with all the snow has led to a shortage of space for the roughly 150 vehicles. Some are tucked alongside the dealership. Others are parked in a field high above the business.

"Gravity really takes hold when you're trying to go up or down that when it's slippery," said Carmody's son, Steve Jr.

Those cars and trucks sit covered by at least a foot of snow. The slope and the snow make moving any of them a challenge.

"Tight maneuvering, dangerous maneuvering - expensive maneuvering, our body shop has been busy this winter, due to some boo boos that have occurred on the lot," added Carmody Jr.

The owners said folks in the community have been offering places for them to put their vehicles, saying that's a nice thing for their neighbors to do.

Cars from B & B Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram are even parked at a lot down from the dealership on Route 6.

Meanwhile, back at the dealership, employees have been doing much more than auto work thanks to all this winter weather.

"It's just harsh man, I've never seen so much snow in my life," said Pete Hooker. "It's a lot of work, every time it snows, we're out here digging all the cars out."

The new showroom should be finished later this spring, just in time for the snow to melt.