Clearing Off Snowy Roofs

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JIM THORPE--Some people who live in Carbon County are still digging out from last weeks storm.

But they aren't shoveling sidewalks.

Michael Melber of Jim Thorpe spent the afternoon shoveling snow off of his dad's roof.

"The top layer maybe four inches of it was soft snow, then the other stuff was like ice maybe it was an inch of ice then it was all snow again but it was still heavy," Melber said.

Neighbors nearby have also started to clear some of the snow off their roofs.

Melber says his dad wants it done before more snow moves in.

"In years past it became a sheet of ice and just slid off. I guess he didn't want to take the chance of that happening or maybe not sliding off and the roof gets too heavy and collapses," Melber said.

A few miles away Darrin Conti was hard at work clearing snow off the roof at his job - Pocono White Water Rafting.

"It's not that easy. A bunch of layers of snow here. Some ice in the middle of it," Conti said.

With the help of Conti and his coworkers Newswatch 16 tagged along to see exactly what these workers were up against.

Workers estimate that there is more than two feet of snow on the businesses roof.

"I'm afraid that the trusses in the roof will start to sag a little bit, start to snap. Then we have a big problem," maintenance manager Jim Rutherford said.

Experts say when it comes to clearing snow off your roof - you should leave it to the professionals... but with more than two feet of snow on the roof, workers say it needs to go.

And even though it has become a tedious task management says they're actually excited that this snow could benefit them in a few months.

"The snow melt brings in mind, high waters on the river which brings in business, so that's a plus," Rutherford said.