Crews Knocking Down Landmark Building After Roof Collapse

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DICKSON CITY -- The home of Mei Mei restaurant on Storrs and Main Street in Dickson City is now just rubble.

"The roof is collapsed and the walls are bulging out," said Jim Damski, a building inspector for Dickson City.

The owner of the Chinese restaurant received a phone call on Sunday morning stating that her building was collapsing and would have be demolished for safety reasons.

"How do I feel? I feel nothing. I feel pain. It's just amazing, that's it," said Catie Li, the owner of Mei Mei Restaurant and the building on Main Street.

People came out to watch as a Lackawanna County construction crew tore down the structure.

"I remember this building, Oh probably going back 40 years at least. Yeah, it is sad to see it go," said John Tomasaitis of Jessup.

The mayor of Dickson City recalled the history of the building.

"Evidently the third floor used to be a dance hall. The second floor was occupied by tenants. The first floor was businesses, but it's been here a long time," said Mayor Stanley Prushinski, of Dickson City.

The building's owner even thanked the people of Dickson City as she watched her business get knocked down.

"Thank you so much for 13 years here. Around here, everybody is really nice," said Li.

The owner said the building is insured, but she's not sure if she will re-build.

For now, Li will head to New York City where she owns another business.


    • From Dickson City

      Yes they have been doing a wonderful job since bright and early this morning. It was still dark when they started to knock on doors. Our officers and fire fighters are wonderful!

  • From Dickson City

    What a morning in Dickson City. Our police department was so good to us. As was out fire department. Knocks on the door at not even 6 AM weren’t fun, but I have to say I truly appreciate how the departments treated me and my neighbors. Very involved and also very informative. Good guys we have working to keep us safe. Hope they all stay safe during the demolition.

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