Scranton Mayor: Don’t Park Downtown After 10 p.m.

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SCRANTON -- The streets in downtown Scranton may be clear of snow, but the parking spots are not.

"The people, it`s tough for them to move period. When the city's not cleaning, it`s tough to park," said Jerry Mizrachi, the owner of Abe`s Kosher Deli in Scranton.

"I think they`re doing the best they can when you consider how much snow came down last night," said Norm James, a driver in the area.

Nicole Lynch of Greenfield Township said, "I think it`s crazy, they were prepared for this and it should have been cleared a lot better. They should have been out all night working knowing how bad it was going to be."

It took a while for some people to find a spot, while other drivers just made their own.

"I`m actually parked where I'm not supposed to, that`s why I have my four ways on while I run into the ATM real quick," said Lynch.

These piles of snow on North Washington Avenue are usually parking spots.

Shop owners said the lack of parking, mixed with bad weather, can hurt business.

"If they`re driving they`re not stopping in. Walking yes, but driving no," said Mizrachi.

The city wants to get rid of the snow too. The mayor is asking that drivers don`t park downtown after 10:00pm to get rid of all the snow.

"I think that it`s probably the only way the city can really clean the snow up because it can`t be plowed, it has to be lifted into a truck and carried away," said James.

The mayor hopes the snow removal will be complete by 9 a.m. Saturday.