Pocono Communities Getting Ready For More

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POLK TOWNSHIP -- At first glance the salt shed for Polk Township looks like it's in good shape but the piles you see are piles of anti-skid, which the township has plenty of.

The issue is the lack of salt.

“We've been burning it up this year. Usually we get 250 ton. This year we ordered 300 ton and it's gone,” explained road master Brian Ahner.

The shed is usually filled with 50 tons of salt. Now there's only five tons of salt left and officials say that’s only enough for this storm.

In the meantime the road crew is patiently waiting for a 25 ton shipment of salt.

It’s something Mary Smith of Kresgeville hopes arrives soon as well.

“The secondary roads are horrible. Our development is horrible. I'm lucky I got out today.”

“I'm played out with the snow. It’s making my job twice as hard,” said postal worker Harold Grimminger.

Grimminger doesn't like the snow or the icicles that are seen hanging from gutters throughout our area.

“I think they're very dangerous and should be cleaned up before someone gets impaled.”

That's exactly what a crew from Tri State Roofing is doing. The main reason: it's a safety concern.

“The city is making them clean the gutters because of the parking meters, afraid the ice is going to come down and kill somebody,” Rick Hayden explained.

Plus with several inches expected to fall throughout the region, that crew is trying to make room for more snow by removing the old.

“Relieving what's there so it doesn't have a bigger problem than it already has right here.”

The road master of Polk Township said a shipment of 25 tons of salt arrived Wednesday afternoon.

The borough of Stroudsburg is removing truckloads of snow from all over the borough to make room for more.

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  • Brian Snyder

    I’m seeing the same situation on the news all over the place. Did every town in PA forget that winter DID NOT END with last weeks storm??? now everyone is scrambling to clean up the snow and ice that fell LAST week.

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