Selenski Attorney Dismissed, Trial Rescheduled

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WILKES-BARRE -- The attorney representing accused double murderer Hugo Selenski has been dismissed from the case following charges of witness intimidation.

Selenski, his former attorney Shelley Centini, and a defense investigator were all charged last month with witness intimidation.

Selenski is charged with the 2002 deaths of pharmacist Michael Kerkowski and his girlfriend Tammy Fassett .

“I would think that he would have mental problems if decides that he wants to,” Selenski said as he was led from the courthouse, referring to whoever is now assigned to be his lawyer.

After removing Centini from Selenski's case on Monday, a Luzerne County judge moved the trial date from March to May.


  • Sam

    I personally know the family of one of his victims and I know they are so tired of the delays and crap they go through. This should’ve been done years ago!! With delaying the trial all these years its a way for him to still be torturing the victims families. How is this fair?? So many other crimes are taken care of quickly.. look at Sandusky’s trial.. justice for his victims convicting him and throwing him in jail for the rest of his life.. just get this over with and stop torturing these families!!!

  • Nick

    Give me a break…..he committed these crimes 12 years ago and still has not been tried? THIS is exactly the main problem with our penal/judicial system. Delays are unacceptable….get him in court, have the trial and either send him away for life or fry the piece of crap!

  • Cindy Nye

    Another delay? Boy, big surprise! I’ll tell you what, I’ll represent this idiot just so we can get this trial over and done with already! So tired of this dragging on for so long. How those poor victim’s families deal with this without closure for so long, is beyond me. They wonder why people take matters into their own hands? If it were one of my family members he did this to, he’d be pushing up daisies by now!

      • marbs

        Yeah Mike he has plenty of money….yours if you live in Luzerne County the taxpayers are picking up the tab. Give him one lawyer like anyone else would have. Here is an idea, try him for escape and assault for allegedly pushing the other inmate and causing serious injury. That should be about a one day trial. If he is found guilty give him 15 years added on to his 37 1/2 and forget about him.

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