Man Charged In Wreck That Killed Two

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NESQUEHONING — Police made an arrest Monday in a deadly crash several months ago in Carbon County.

Richard Matsick, 47, of Nesquehoning is facing a number of charges including homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence, aggravated assault, and involuntary manslaughter.

Police say Matsick was speeding in August near Nesquehoning when he lost control of his vehicle and hit a tree.

Two passengers were killed and another badly hurt.

Matsick is locked up in the Carbon County Prison.


  • cfg

    Thank you for not being judgemental. Everyone one is. People assume and are cowards.. They should really talk to the drivers daughter. Obviously the driver was honest about everything. And yes it was friends trying to have a good time. The driver lost his fiance and his good friend. a. Im not saying he shouldnt take some responsibility but no one know the whole story. I feel for the families that,lost loved ones but from another pprspective… The drivers family lost too. He too was a beloved father.. The only family his children have. Its a difficult situation for everyone.. But if people want to find real answers out and stop being judgemental,talk to the drivers family

    • Gig

      I agree with all your points, but my question is : What was meant in the comment below by N/A as it “was the town pin cushions fault” that is a statement I cant understand..

      • cfg

        That comment is not to really be discussed in depth over the internet. People in this town understand what is meant by that. I would get into that but I don’t feel like its appropriate…

  • Gig

    My good friend and college roommate died in that crash.. I am deeply saddened & sympathetic to all that were involved, but the driver and a passenger who I don’t know the extent of her injuries are alive. Sending someone to prison doesn’t bring loved ones back, but there needs to be some form of responsibility on the drivers behalf no? being far removed from the case what do you mean by town pin cushion? I am sure there are a lot of folks like myself with a lot of unanswered questions on why this tragic accident occurred. Seems to me a bunch of ol friends got into a car after a night of drinking of which one out of the four involved should have come to their senses and convinced the driver that this was a bad idea.. My condolences to all ..

  • N/A

    Okay Genius they all agreed to get in the vehicle .but if you knew them you would know that!. no one was holding a gun to their head… so guess what .. THEY ARE ALL TO BLAME. Its sad how they blame the driver when he was the most sober one… so what do you have to say about that… NOT MUCH. They need to blame the real reason.. the town Pin Cushion! you don’t know anything so id advise you to shut your mouth.. I see that you are the immature one who is making comments .. you have no right. how old you are?? I bet you are around the same age… your lucky this hasn’t happened to you or your family.. Karma.. What goes around comes around… all I have to say . Why don’t you stop sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong and get a life instead of commenting on someone’s where you have no say. Get A Life

  • Sundown

    wow dude really? 47 yrs old and still a juvenile delinquent? good thing you’re locked up? Two people lost their life because you refused to grow up.

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