Coughlin High School Dean Charged

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WILKES-BARRE -- A high school dean in Wilkes-Barre is charged with corruption of minors.

The man was arraigned Monday morning. Police say he had a sexual relationship with a student almost 10 years ago.

Stephen Stahl, 47, of Hunlock Creek surrendered at a district magistrate's office in Wilkes-Barre and was arraigned on a single charge of corruption of minors.

Stahl is the dean of students at Coughlin High School. He's also the wrestling coach.

Stahl refused to answer any questions as he left a magistrate's office after his arraignment on a charge of corruption of minors.

Court documents say Stahl had sex with a female student in a classroom closet, in a school photography dark room, and later at motels and Stahl's home in 2004.

According to those same court documents Stahl gave the 16-year-old girl gifts at Coughlin High School  including a purse and perfume.

The solicitor for Wilkes-Barre Area School District told Newswatch 16 on Friday that Stephen Stahl was suspended without pay when administrators were told about the investigation.

Stahl had recently been promoted to dean.  This was expected to be his last season as the wrestling coach.

Court records say the former Coughlin High School student told police about these accusations just this past New Year's Eve, nearly a decade later.

Parents and students at Coughlin High School say they knew this was coming because the dean was suspended without pay three days ago.

Stahl was released without having to post any bail.


    • wizzzio

      hope she wasnt robbed of her virginity by a 38 yr old!!!!
      then …now almost 50…sure she thought it was cool tool to get away with more than the average girl….used it to be popular….kids!….SANTI

      • wizzzio

        he wasnt dumb!…seen her hurt by one guy at 14…15…complemented her…set her up to use her …for yrs you dummys!…he was in the position to do that!

  • junior

    Hahahahaha. You make me laugh eric. Common sense will tell you that ten or more years of silence makes no sense. You missed the part where i do agree and would like for those who are accused of a crime as such to be prosecuted. I just think its ridiculous to wait so long to come foward. “This is my opinion, like it or not”. You don’t have to agree or read my post if you don’t agree.

  • Eric

    Hey Junior it sound to me like you are guilty of a past sexual crime that you yourself committed and you are trying to change attitudes so you feel better about the horrible things you have done. To quote you “this my opinion like it or not”.

  • junior

    I’m tired of all these girls and guys who claimed to have been abused by someone ten, twenty or more years ago. How does the detective gather sufficient evidence to prosecute a suspect of an accusation like this. I think that if an alledged assault occured, the alledged victims should have a time frame to report the assault. Otherwise i think it should be considered false accusations and the alledged victim be charged with defamation of character and false reports. This is my opinion like it or not.

  • Jimmy

    10 years ago? Seriously? Not saying he did’nt do it. I was actually his student 15 years ago and always looked up to him. Such a tragedy. But everyone has there demons some just dont know how to tell them no. That is all.

  • charlie

    She waited 10 years,give me a break, what is she looking for, guess another troubled drug addict looking for money!!!!!! Hope your statements are true,because if not you should be hung on public square for ruining this mans life.whose paying you to make up these accusations? Pray you seek the mental help you need, to make up such horrible stories. The lord will be your final judge!

    • When

      must be true … ” HER FRIENDS were questioned ,ya know ,and THEY say it is true !!! This accusation smells worse as more info is provided for gods sake !!!

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