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Man Found Dead in the Snow

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SHENANDOAH -- A man was found dead in the snow in Schuylkill County.

According to the coroner, the body of Nicholas McCabe, 23, of Shenandoah was discovered around 5 a.m. Sunday between Lehigh and Bower Streets.

An autopsy is scheduled for Monday to determine the exact cause of death, but investigators believe hypothermia was a factor.


  • Sundown

    Such sad news lately! Well, we know it’s not the same person, because the persons who killed those women; A-were not the same persons, and B-all were caught!
    A young girl was shot in Shamokin! 20 years old! The young man from Beech Creek, 17 years old. Our young people are turning to drugs, crime, and turning up dead! Our elderly and merchants are in danger, our babies are being abandoned and beaten, and our children are being violated by pedophiles!
    The devil is winning, we are losing, we have to pray and ask God’s protection and intervention over our young people! We have to take a stand against all this darkness and evil! We have to pray over our law enforcement a hedge of protection and for the empowerment of God to catch the guilty and protect the innocent!

  • Ted

    First that girl from Tamaqua gets whacked on her way to work there.
    Now this guy??
    What the heck is going on with them??

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