First Winter With Natural Gas Heat

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BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP -- This is the first winter that natural gas has been an option to heat homes in Susquehanna County.

A company ran the first gas lines to homes near Montrose this fall.

Homeowners who were able to switch to natural gas are thrilled seeing the savings in this bitter cold winter.

Natural gas is fueling a new heater at Puzo's Auto Shop near Montrose and Lane Puzo is thrilled about it.

We first met him last year, when he learned natural gas service was coming his way.

“Before when you were here, you asked if I was going to save money. I said ‘I sure as hell hope so.’ Well, I sure as hell am, let me tell you,” Puzo said.

Leatherstocking Natural Gas finished the first gas pipeline serving homes in Susquehanna County last fall.

Puzo's garage is hooked up and as is his home across the street.

He says he's already saved hundreds on heating.

“I was happy, very happy.  If they go that way now, we’ll be good.”

Leatherstocking Natural Gas tapped into Marcellus shale gas that's already coming from here, and already passing through on a transmission line.

Homeowners around Montrose say it just makes sense.

“This is what I said in the beginning when they first came here is I don't mind them being here, the only thing I was saying is ‘why don't we get the gas?’” said Richard Geiger of Bridgewater Township.

Geiger showed us his new natural gas fueled boiler he used to heat with oil. He doesn't even want to think about how much he'd be paying for that this cold winter.

“You're talking hundreds of dollars.  Just last month, the whole month was $138. I couldn't touch that.”

“I'm happy to really see it for people, because people do need a break on what they're spending for energy costs,” said Paul Augentiof Augenti Plumbing and Heating.

Augenti still heats with coal but that's only because he runs a plumbing and heating business and has been busy helping switch his neighbors to natural gas. He, too, is making the change soon.

“When I get time, I'm going to do my own house, cleaner heating system for the environment and a little less work than the coal, a lot less work than the coal.”

Leatherstocking Natural Gas plans to expand natural gas service to homes and businesses in Montrose next year and other communities in Susquehanna County in the years to come.


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