Power To Save: Simple Ways To Stop The Drafts

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TEXAS TOWNSHIP -- All the extreme cold this winter can prove one thing to homeowners: your house can be pretty drafty when the temperatures go below zero.

With the forecast calling for more bitter cold, there's still time to seal up your home and save money.

After the extreme cold this winter, Joann Netzer and her family were at the Home Depot near Honesdale, knowing their house in Blooming Grove needs some upgrades to get rid of all the cold drafts.

“We're going to get some new insulation, check on some prices of some windows and take it from there,” Netzer said.

Furnaces have been working hard to heat homes this winter but with it so cold, many homeowners are learning their houses are leaking a lot of that heat.

“They're all looking for ways to stay warm, stop the drafts and things like that.”

Mark Bartocci went through some simple, inexpensive ways to stop those drafts.

“You want something like this, it'll go up against the door, stop the energy from going out, stop the cold air from going in.”

Another popular product only costs a few bucks.

“We have this foam weather seal product, very easy to install right around the door there, makes the seal air tight, stops the draft from coming in.”

It can work on windows, too, and so can shrink wrap that covers the whole window, a temporary fix.

“This should have been done in November or December, but most of your heat is lost through windows.”

Cans of spray insulation can fix cracks in foundations, walls or windows letting the cold in. It's on a special display here.

And after weeks of cold, Home Depot is also promoting attic insulation options. That's where a lot of homes are losing their heat.

“You learn that for next season, or you can do a quick fix. You can always add insulation to your attic.”

Home Depot says a lot of customers are thinking spring products now  but the way this year is going, we'll need winter products for a while.

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