FBI Raids Moosic Business

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MOOSIC -- Agents from the FBI raided a construction business in Lackawanna County on Thursday, telling us that it was related to an ongoing federal fraud and corruption case.

Glenmaura Professional Center on Montage Mountain houses several businesses.  We saw federal agents going in and out of only one of those businesses.

PCM Construction Management is a contracting company that has been in existence since 2008, according to its website.

We don't know yet how PCM may be involved in the fraud and corruption investigation.

Federal agents arrived at the Glenmaura Professional Center in the morning and spent much of the day inside PCM Construction Management.

According to the company's website, PCM is a contracting business responsible for overseeing several big construction projects in Lackawanna and Monroe Counties.

After several hours, agents took out boxes that filled the back of an SUV. Agents told us that the raid is a small part of more than a year's worth of work by a federal grand jury. Agents say they executed a search warrant looking for evidence in an ongoing fraud and corruption case  because that search warrant is confidential the agents couldn't tell us much more.

Employees at PCM Management didn't have much to say either. We approached the company owner for comment but he didn't have anything to say.

According to PCM’s website, the company was created in 2008 and has worked on big projects including Mount Airy Casino, Mid valley Elementary Center, and Fidelity Bank in Dunmore.

The FBI agents told us that the raid is part of a lengthy investigation going on for more than a year.  They also said it could be a long time until that grand jury comes to a conclusion.

We don't know if the investigation involves PCM Management directly or one of its clients.


  • fd

    I used to work for Vince martino last yearunder the busniess name builders group we including my father which was lead foreman we were travaling from hazleton to lansdale for months witch i thought was a little weird because the job was huge remodeling each wing in the old folks home he had us rip down walls and pull the nails out of the old wood so he can save or washmoney then he would show up withba uhaul truck with used material that had black mold on it we told him about it and he told us to work thrubit v well by the second day me and my father were puckin our guts out so we told him we cant work in them conditions so he said if u dont your fired so me and my father didnt think that was right from the beging we knew he was a shady man i also think he wasnt paying us what he was suppose to he was skiming our pays hecause mostly every time we tried to cash our checks there was a problem he also had hes project manger down there that didnt no how to read a tape measure me and my fathef worked hard for that guy and when he let us go he fought us for unemploment i think he was hiding thst job in lansdale because he was skimming off the top and taking money it was just a joke h as lf the time we would be wanting for material for hours some time z we would go to lowes with the card ge said had money on it so we would load 2 3carts up get to the counter and there would be no money on the card so we would look like idiots my opion is all he was doing was washing moneyfor the denaples ibdont care what pplbthinkbi got treated like a dog and imbglad he pays for what he been getting away with if you guy want to talk to me i got video and pictures so plz get back to me because its not right what he did he as interesting god also he always wanted me to get a bank account at the fidelity bank but if u want to hear more contact me god bless vince

    • RippedOff

      Lets say I’m familiar with Builders Group. Also familiar with the Lansdale job. Also builders group is listed as owned by Anne F Martino. I bet he got some woman owned buisness deals out of that.
      Would love to know if I know you from all this but I’m not revealing who I am here.
      So many other players with him. Former Scranton Parking Authority official from what I just found out. How thick will it get.

  • cisneyinvest8

    @gina. If you read the story it does say fidelity bank in Dunmore in the 3rd to last paragraph. They weren’t making it up, just reading what was published.

  • sara

    Unfortunately, I am not at all surprised. Greed is difficult for some people to overcome and this may be what happened in our area, yet again. Very disappointing.

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