Snow, Sleet and Solidarity in Mountain Top

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FAIRVIEW TOWNSHIP -- As the snowflakes kept falling this morning on roads like Route 309 in Mountain Top, some plow truck drivers struggled to keep up.

While the snow changed over to sleet, George Burger stayed busy by shoveling heavy snow from the sidewalks and parking lots of several stores.

“It's good business, but it's nice when they're spaced out a little bit more,” said Burger. “You have things break, you've got to get them fixed and get ready for the next storm. It does wear on you. "

Workers at A&R Building Supply in neighboring Wright Township said the rush for rock sale has been a bright spot, in the middle of a difficult season.

"Building is down because it's been a very cold winter this year. It's been a little tough, but rock salt sales and that type of stuff has been really sustaining us,” said Steve Hoover.

When the supply of rock salt was running low before the storm, Hoover said customers were limited to buying 20 bags per customer.

Hoover said a third of the 900 bags of rock salt just delivered, are already gone.

A short drive away, Newswatch 16 found Margaret Petty and her husband shoveling heavy, wet snow from their driveway, while their son was busy turning a snowbank into an igloo.

"I'm used to it. I grew up here and I’ve seen a lot worse. I think you just get used to it after you lived here for a few years and expect it,” said Petty.