Sisters in Skirts Shovel Out Luzerne County

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LUZERNE -- Some residents in Luzerne borough may have found their cars clear of snow.

Mckenzie Hall and Jidilea Balyout could be responsible for the good deed.

The two 20 year olds are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon church.

The young women represent their faith by sporting skirts, even while shoveling snow.

In Luzerne County, they're becoming known as "the shoveling sisters in skirts."

"We are advised to wear pants, but there's times you see people and they really need a snow shoveler and we don't have time to wear pants, we just wear our skirts. Then we just go shovel their snow," said Sister Balyout.

"I think that's pretty neat. I think that is cool. I've never seen that before. I think that is awesome," said James Gurver of Luzerne.

The young women walk around looking for cars that are covered in snow and may need a little extra help shoveling out.

"We shoveled in Dallas, Trucksville, Luzerne and we also did Edwardsville," said Balyout.

Sister Balyout is originally from the Philippines, while Sister Hall hails from Utah.

They believe helping out is a good way to meet people.

"I'm new here and so, I don't know, people seem to really like it though. They're really appreciative," said Sister Hall.

The sisters plan to be in Luzerne County for the next six weeks, which should give them plenty of time for more shoveling opportunities.


  • Dr. RothEisenSteinBerg

    I suppose I’d have to agree with the shovel comment. The Mormons don’t make the laws, though. Elect different politicians. I take it you’re one of those people who gets all nasty with people you don’t even know on the internet, huh? I guess you let MSNBC, of Fox, manufacture your rage for you, when we have real problems to be concerned with right now…like the collapse of the economy. Keep falling for the distraction and division tactics.

  • e

    I agree, what an ungrateful person, but not surprising considering where we are living. JK you seem like the kind of person who complains to someone while they are doing you a favor. That’s the worst kind of person in my opinion. It’s ok you represent the majority, a typical ignorant local who doesn’t know how to treat others. No wonder so many people moved out of this area during the housing boom. With people like you occupying this region there is no chance of it ever improving in any way. Not that it matters to me, I will soon be moving out of this area forever so I won’t have to tolerate the “locals” for much longer. HA!

  • dave

    Great job young ladies! One thing I don’t get though… you say… “We don’t have time to wear our pants, we just wear skirts”? What? The time difference for putting on a skirt, rather than pants is that big? Take the time and put some pants on young ladies, those cars can wait the extra 10 seconds.

    • James Hebbert

      It’s not the time it takes to get dressed it’s just that when serving a mission as these two sisters are there are a lot of other things you do besides shoveling snow, and it’s not alway convenient to go home and change. I spent two years in Denmark as a missionary wearing a suit and tie everyday. I did everything from sprinting to catch busses to yard work to teaching language classes all in a suite and tie. It’s an interesting life style, but it’s amazingly satisfying.

  • Dr. RothEisenSteinBerg

    Say what you will about the Mormon faith, you can’t deny they are some of the nicest, and most charitable people out there.

  • D. Gibson

    That’s pretty nice of them. More people should follow their example and this world would be a better place.

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