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Shoveling Out in Susquehanna County

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SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY  -- Digging out.  With about eight to ten inches of snow in Susquehanna County, it takes some time.

"Shoveling snow, since five o’clock this morning," said Jessie Naylor of Hallstead.

Naylor and his neighbors have been busy helping each other shovel, making digging out a group effort in Hallstead.

"I kind of enjoy shoveling. If we got it, there ain’t nothing you can do about it, so I like being out in it. I always have,” said Jason Reed of Hallstead.

In New Milford, Troy Warner is moving along a little faster, using a snow thrower to clear three driveways.  But he says he’s tired of winter and clearing out.

"I’m done with it. I’m ready for spring, no doubt,” said Warner.

But in New Milford all of this snow wasn’t just all work and no play.  These kids found a way to make it fun, with yet another day out of school.

"Sometimes we try to build forts, and sometimes we just make slides off it," said fifth grader Carson Koehler.

Koehler and his friends were busy sliding down a snow pile after they helped shovel in the early morning, happy to have a snow day.

"It’s fun, it’s just a good way to play with our friends and have fun," said sixth grader Gabriel Waldowski.

Others took to snowmobiles, enjoying the snow-covered roads.

A pup named Oliver didn’t seem to mind the snowy streets either, wagging his tail on his morning walk.

"He rolls around in the snow and he likes it a lot. He’d like it if I go through the snow rather the streets," said Cynthia Newhart of New Milford.

Summersville looks more like a winter wonderland.

Eric Brush says removing the snow isn’t work, just fun with his big-kid toys.

"Generally when I’m done with this, I’ll go down and hit the neighbors and stuff like that, help them out as well just because it’s fun and it’s the neighborly thing to do,” said Brush.