Clearing The Snow

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HAZLETON -- Snow plow crews did their best to clear the snow in Hazleton. It didn't matter how you were doing it. People found the stuff was heavier because it began to rain after the snow stopped falling.

In Hometown, Schuylkill County, Mike Heffelfinger used a snow thrower to clear his driveway.

"It's tough it’s got a crust on it makes it tough for even a snow blower to go and then you have to shovel afterwards," Heffelfinger said.

Just down the street, Greg Bruno explains how he used something with more horse power.

“With a machine like this you can plow really good except when it gets icy on the bottom and the snow on top it has a tendency not to grab too good. I wish it was spring! I'd rather cut grass.”

Ryan Fannock of Tamaqua said weather is his hobby. He studies computer models and then makes his forecast.

"There were a lot of forecasts floating around, the professionals, the weather enthusiasts, it's was a tough storm, the models didn't want to agree."

Fannock explained he posts his weather forecasts for 26 counties on Facebook.

"Some people say I should go to school. I enjoy what I do and it's a great way to tell people what’s going on across the area."

The winter is far from over. It has snowed as late as April in Pennsylvania.