Students Bring Drug-Laced Candy To School

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CLARKS SUMMIT — An investigation is underway in Lackawanna County into Abington Heights High School students who are suspected of lacing chocolate bars with marijuana and bringing them to school.

The superintendent said the students ate the chocolate while they were at school. When other students found out, they told their parents who then told administrators.

“There’s probably going to be some disciplinary action. We’ve referred some matters to law enforcement. It’s a very complex response that we’ve made but ultimately our concern is the safety of the kids, both who were involved and the safety of the kids in the buildings,” said Abington Heights Superintendent Dr. Michael Mahon.

The students involved supposedly confessed to bringing the chocolate to school and are being disciplined by the school district.

A school resource officer from the South Abington police department is also investigating.

A drug-sniffing dog was brought into the school on Friday but didn’t find anything.


  • Oiche

    Okay you people who keep idly worshiping over the fact that Abington is like the greatest school around, do realize this isn’t the FIRST incident with drugs that has happened. I was yes a graduate from there and honestly I am going to throw in my two cents in this. I have been to the bathrooms to know kids smoke it up in there, I know fights have occurred a couple of times when I was there, this school isn’t Harvard guys! There will always be one bad apple in the bunch, don’t be ignorant and disown the truth. Now let me tell you, I had a lot of friends that have been in school when Pam first arrived, and it wasn’t exactly great. But she has lightened up over the years, but she doesn’t realize that punishing 1,200 people isn’t going to solve the issue over five morons who did this. She needs to realize the truth has been out there since every group has graduated and the little incidents that have made the news over the years. Keeping it under the rug is not necessary, it will just stink up. If you want to represent the school, ACCEPT WHATEVER IS GIVEN. Do not let criticism show weakness. This school may have its screwed up moments. I’m only saying the one wrong thing to do handling this because I feel bad the rest of the class has to look bad because of this. But give Murray a break, shes been at it since around maybe 2004 or 05. Shes given us a WONDERFUL senior year for us, I enjoyed the luncheon and how everything was organized last year. The least she could do to better the next generation is take this as a learning experience, she knows we have Health and Wellness education for the freshman classes. She doesn’t have to criticize 1,200 people for the actions over a handful… Yes this school isn’t perfect but its a lot better than from what I have heard about from other schools in this area. So take this as a grain of salt guys. At least the administration does their job. For a public school they manage everything well. I know it because I knew exactly where to go to if I had any problems. Mrs. Murray has a very tedious job, get off her back, shes doing everything she can. Everyone knows exactly what to do. I’ve even seen how teachers handled situations and its handled well and is not tolerated. Maybe I do see why the school doesn’t put further input in this, because there has been situations that happened but it was none of any class groups business but the people involved in it. But in conclusion, every public school is the same. So don’t act like this is the worst that has h append. It will just be resolved and forgotten a week later! And remember COLLEGE ISN’T ANY DIFFERENT.

  • Todd

    My kids both witnessed Mrs. Murray’s care and concern and tyat she believes in students. If you see how MJ effects the brain… You would stop saying its ok… Students are there to lay a foundation for the rest of their lives. It’s important that they learn. Here is an exert from a pro MJ website… Being scientific…”Marijuana also affects receptors in the cerebral cortex that are responsible for sensory perception, which can cause users to experience altered sensory experiences in areas such as touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell. It can cause distorted perception, impaired coordination, difficulty in thinking and problem solving, and problems with learning and short-term memory.” Is that really what we want our kids taking while they learn? Use logic. Use common sense man!

    • CometVomit2001

      There’s no doubt that eating “special” chocolate is not conducive (yet still quite possible) to learning. But, neither is removing them from school by suspension or expulsion. This is assuming, in general, these are relatively good kids with respectable grades. If they’re a bunch of screw-ups and this is the icing on the cake? Then I would have little sympathy. Had these kids eaten the chocolate before they arrived to school and kept their mouths shut, no one would have known imo. My guess is life would have went on just fine for all those at AH. Every high school kid takes a day off, either literally or figuratively. These particular pupils decided to get credit for attending then “skip out”. In college, kids show up to class with big gulps of rum and coke and still manage 3.5’s. Likewise with those who smoke cannabis. Most high school kids can’t get away with using cannabis because they stereotype themselves (appearance/friends) and talk too much. However, there are those select few who smoked cannabis during the week, drank on the weekends and still graduated in the top 10% of their class….

    • Brian

      Here! Here! Well put! The ridiculousness of the pro-drug movement/culture is mind-boggling. There is no good reason to use this crap other than to just feel stoned. What a reason. Try doing things that make a positive impact on school and community…wow, what a novel idea.

  • Some Dingus

    These kids deserve the penalties just for being so stupid, most of them are selling and buying and it is blatantly obvious. Hell, I’ve seen dealers just standing, waiting in the bathroom, not even doing anything. They just wait for the person to come at the worked out time and make the deal. They don’t even care that others are in the bathroom when it happens, clearly because I’ve seen it happen. They deserve the punishment for being idiots

  • CometVomit2001

    I’m a graduate of AH and this stuff was going on 15 years ago when I was there. We weren’t lucky enough to have edibles though! I had to wait for college for those! I can still remember kids drinking bottles of cough medicine before school or coming in drunk because they were out partying the night before. These kids should be punished because they made a dumb choice. With that said, I see zero point in ruining these kids lives by putting them through the “court” system because they brought “special chocolate” to school. Honestly, I’d like to shake these kids hands…

  • haha

    I just have to laugh because everybody thinks that Murray is running this school into the ground but in reality Abington has always been like this. This is not something new for them. I personally don’t like her but I know it’s not her fault. There was always drugs floating around in the school when I was there 3 years ago. Abington is just very good at keeping things hush hush. My siblings went there as well and there was drugs and alcohol there too and that was way before I started highschool. And half of the kids who were probably searched were innocent because someone said it was them and now those kids are gonna get picked on for months it’s happened to me. They’ve falsely accused me of have drugs called my parents and had my parents believing I was doing and selling drugs. Then they fully searched my stuff and shoes found nothing and found the girl a week later who was really the one who was selling drugs. All because they mixed up the names. I hope that gives you all an idea of how screwed up that school really is.

    • Joseph

      What a screwed up school, and people think highly of it BECAUSE of the hush hush that you said. It’s because when it comes to the prestige of Abington, Murray will do whatever she can to make sure keep everything from getting out – whether it’s right or utterly wrong. Haha but you gotta admit, Murray just is a terrible, terrible administrator in general who is hated by a majority of the staff and most of the students

  • Jacque

    I think that what the kids did is wrong, but I can also garuntee the faculty will handle this wrong too. Punishing the students is obviously a must, but so is helping them. Suspending the kids for the maximum 55 days and then ignoring them is not an answer. Putting the kids out of school will only give them more free time to misbehave. Being in school and receiving guidance and education would be far more beneficial to these kids than being kicked out and exiled.

  • John

    Dr. Mahon saying “There’s PROBABLY going to be some disciplinary action,” is absolutely ridiculous! I completely agree with the comment below about Pamela Murray heading this school and bringing everything down with her psychotic reforms; but additionally, Dr. Mahon as a superintendent? What kind of superintendent says something like that and then hides what actually happened – in fact, lies. Hey Mahon, this isn’t politics, it’s a public school district. Murray really needs to know that – not a private school with ridiculous rules and freedom, a PUBLIC school. You’re a principal of a PUBLIC school. Both Mahon and Murray should be permanently replaced because Abington has turned into a pretentious public school with the administrators enforcing this into the students’ heads more than anything and all those two care about is the reputation or prestige of the school. They’ll do anything to defend that, right or completely wrong. This isn’t Harvard, it’s a public school in a suburb of Scranton. If not Mahon, Murray should definitely be removed.

  • Brian

    Yeah, let’s give these poor stoner kids and people a break! Bringing pot to school is okay. Smoking joints in your basement all day is okay. Hey! In 10 years when kids are bringing heroin and coke to school, let’s give those poor kids a break, too.

    • Dr. RothEisenSteinBerg

      I don’t believe anyone is saying that. You are sensationalizing, and playing on peoples’ fears. This situation is, quite simply, not that serious. The kids should not have pot in school, but this is not a big story. It warrants student suspension, at most.

      • Brian

        Sensationalizing? Really? It’s been proven that marijuana is a gateway drug. Keep hiding your head in the sand and saying “it’s not a big deal”. Great idea, Einstein.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Also, for any of the kids involved that may be reading this. Don’t worry too much. Use it as a lesson to follow the rules. I used TONS of drugs in school. I got over it and have become successful in life. Don’t let this one incident define you and even more so, the school you graduate from. I know that these things seem like the biggest thibfs in life, but they really arent. Most of those kids that turned you in will fall into drugs and alcohol in the future. I’ve seen it over and over.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Legal in one state, illegal here. Good for you there, bad for you here? Mixed messages. Confused kids. We did the same stuff in school, rarely got caught. Watch the dictatorial admin make an example out of these poor kids. I graduated school 13 years ago and HATED it then cuz it was getting so bad. I couldn’t even imagine how deplorable the stifling rules are in these schools now.

    • J.S.

      How is it confusing? It is ILLEGAL in Pa. That is quite simple isn’t? To me it is. Either move to a sate that allows it or stop complaining and get the state legislation to legalize it. Don’t understand the mentality of the pro mj users. If you don’t agree with the law get it changed! You do have the power to get it done. Your objective was accomplished in Colorado and Washington, so get it done here and smoke to your heart’s content!

      • Joe Schmoe

        I’m not pro MJ. I’m just saying these kids say it’s ok in Colorado but not here and they receive mixed messages.

  • Brian

    They should know better, encroaching in on big pharma’s turf like that! We all know, only ssri’s and the like are allowed in schools. And to the people talking crap on MJ, I won’t even waste my time on your stupidity.

  • Brian

    It’s illegal and they brought it to school, just like if they brought alcohol or some other contraband. This garbage has no place in our schools, that’s for sure. Why are we letting the drug-culture just take over? “We can’t win the war on drugs, so let’s just give up. They’re not hurting anyone.” Really? Is this what we’ve become? A nation that just relents b/c something has achieved “fashionable status”? An anything-goes society is exactly what we don’t need. I’m not saying we all need to be in church and use religion to be our guide. How about community awareness though? Community involvement? Not accepting the status quo and having the courage to stand up for what’s right? How about that!? Do that, and you won’t care about doing your “MJ” that everyone seems to have experimented with. Experiment with laughing and living free under blue skies.

    • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

      Our “free blue skies” aren’t quite as free as they used to be. I’m not about to turn my back, in ignorance, as bureaucrats dictate our every want, need, and desire, on whatever whim they may have. This MJ, that you are so upset about, is the very least of our problems. You allow your rage to be manufactured, by the media.

    • PooPoo Choo Choo

      Freeing other peoples’ slaves was once illegal too. Just because a politician tells you it’s wrong, it doesn’t mean it is. Free your mind, from the shackles of ignorance. Kids should be reprimanded…not charged.

    • Charly Lucky

      I don’t wish it on anyone, but if you had cancer, like I did, you would see it in a different light. It eased my pain, built up my appetite, and got me thru the day. The long painful days, were made easier by medical MJ. Legalize it, tax it, and control it, same as alcohol and cigarettes. All the pain relieving pharmaceuticals I was prescribed, had tons of side effects. More bad than good. Should not be in schools, but they should be treated the same as if they brought it alcohol, which in my opinion, and the opinion of many professionals, IS MUCH WORSE THAN MARIJUANA. Make stiffer penaltys for heroin and cocaine and crack, and legalize marijuana.. Let the law concentrate on hard drugs, not one that can benefit suffering patients, like medical marijuana.

    • Sir Elroy

      “we can’t win the war on drugs, so we might as well give up.”
      ^ SAID NO ONE EVER!!
      I feel sorry for you if you think this is what society thinks.No one wants to give up on the war on drugs (although it will always be a “war” were waging) but marijuana isn’t a drug. It was made illegal because of the illegal aliens bringing it in from Mexico. Lots of it. So much of it our government couldn’t possibly find it all to tax it, and if they’re not getting paid, no one is.
      I understand that there are some people out there, far and few, who cannabis actually harms them. They get really happy, almost die of starvation, and then slip into a coma for an hour or two!!
      I would also like you to realize that the health benefits of cannabis outweigh the negatives (if any), that is why it is becoming legal! I have a strong dislike for people like you Brian. Uninformed, brainwashed, and quite frankly contradicting! You say go be a free thinker, but you follow all laws and rules reguardless of your desires….wEiRd

  • Josh

    As long as the kids are 18 or close to it I don’t see the problem. It’s pot for goodness sake. We were all kids once. Most of us did it and anyone who ever has tried it knows it’s not a life ruining drug. Suspend them by all means give them detention pull them off the sports teams. But don’t give these kids a criminal record for making a stupid mistake.

  • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

    Oh, what an awful crime. Good thing they got the police involved, with their drug sniffing dogs. Just think of all of the innocent victims who have been harmed by this heinous act. Wouldn’t it be great if they charge those children with crimes, and destroy their lives? Get real. Most everyone has experimented with MJ, when they were in high school. While I don’t agree with anything distracting them from their studies, this is hardly the crime it’s been made out to be.

    • Skeptic

      So you see no issue with them bringing drugs to school? I could care less if an informed adult wants to do a little pot in their own home on their own time, but to condone kids sharing drugs in school, that’s pushing it. They need to be held accountable. Life ruined, no, but they’re juveniles so that’s a stretch anyway. Maybe instead of condoning their behavior, you should question what’s going on at home to make these kids want to bring drugs to school in the first place.

      • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

        Yes, I do see an issue with them bringing it to school…as I stated in my original post. I just don’t see it as a crime. A school infraction? Yes. A criminal offense? No.

      • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

        Also, it’s not my responsibility to question what is going on in their homes. It is their parents’ responsibility.

  • Adam

    Abington Heights is a terrible school district as it is with all the corruption and easily influenced individuals heading the staff such as Pamela Murray.

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been a story on her racism alone!

    • XYZ

      Actually Adam, Mrs. Murray has started a Diversity Club at our school whitch is a platform to help celebrate the culture and traditions of all students. Abington Heights is a great school district with amazing administrators and teachers who genuinely care about us and we have an amazing student body. To say we are terrible based on the mistakes of five individuals out of 1,200 students is ignorant and you should be ashamed of yourself. The academic and athletic records of our students and faculty speak for themselves.
      -Abington Heights High School student

      • Adam

        Well “Abington Heights High School student,” it is clear that you are either a member of the Abington Heights administration or a faculty member who was “asked” to respond to my post the way you did. The fact that the reply was defensive about Murray’s racist activity in particular also hints at who this may be. Additionally, there isn’t a single Abington student who would’ve said this: “The academic and athletic records of our students and faculty speak for themselves.” That was a dead giveaway, other than the not-so-subtle bragging about the school. My favorite line of this response i”s You can’t blame 1,200 people for 5 people’s mistake.” Personally, I feel that this is just a bit hypocritical considering Murray personally told this year’s freshman class that they are the worst freshman class ever, blatantly degraded them, and caused the 1,200 others to also think so. So apparently one can judge 300 students based on the actions of 5, but not 1,200? In light of the events recounted in this article and the way this situation is being handled, I’m confident that I am not the only one who believes that the Abington Heights School District – particularly the high school – needs to reassess the aptitude of some of its administrators and considering bringing changes to the leadership of the district.

    • Ann Davis Malysa

      Adam, What is YOUR issue w/Pamela???? Seriously??? My son attends AH and my husband and I have been MORE than pleased w/the education he has received. It seems as if you have a vendetta against the school for some reason!

      • Joseph

        Hahahah glad someone finally called out Pam for how terrible she is. And Ann, Pam certainly isn’t providing the great education your son may be receiving – there may be great teachers but a shitty administration ruins it all.

  • Monkeys4

    I use to do that same thing as those kids! Hahahah they wanted to enjoy school more and that’s a good way to do ! I had to do it in order to go to school because I hated it so much ! People over react but should they be punished I guess ! Only reason they should be is because they actually got caught !

    • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

      Everyone involved, has died of acute marijuana overdose. Grief counselors will be available to speak with classmates, and friends of those who succumbed to this terrible scourge.

    • Dr. RothEisenSteinBerg

      You seem to have missed the point of his question. The question is…Did they find anything, or was it just hearsay? Is there evidence?

  • Alber

    Maybe if pot was legalized, regulated and controlled these kids wouldnt be a le to get a hold of it soo easily!

  • Mike

    Abington Heights needs to be more like Jim Thorpe school district. All their students smoke the marijuana after school.

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