Back To Normal After Water Main Break?

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SCRANTON -- Folks who live on River Street in Scranton said they are glad things are quiet again.

Last week, a water main broke on this street, water gushed down the icy street and thousands of Pennsylvania American Water customers were affected.

They were without water for days.

"It was like geysers coming up on the other side of the street and obviously the water flowing down made nice icy conditions everywhere," said Jay Layou who lives on River Street.

The repairs have been made and the water is back on, but the damage has been done to one place.

An apartment building directly in front of the main on River Street is now condemned.

City officials said at least three families, 10 people, were forced out when water flooded the building's basement, causing structural damage and concerns with wiring in the building.

"I know that some people just moved in there last month, so it's really terrible for them," said Jeremy McKinnon, a neighbor.

The city of Scranton and the United Neighborhood Centers helped find the people who live there hotel rooms and officials said they will cover the cost of their first month rent when they find a new place to live.

In the meantime, the place remains condemned and neighbors said they do not like that at all.

"We're getting too many condemned homes around Scranton and it is nerve-wracking because I don't know if someone turns the electric on and it's not taken care of proper, then you have fire hazards and things like that," said Jim Casella of Scranton.

City officials said the building is scheduled to be inspected Wednesday.