Teenager Accused of Setting Family’s House on Fire

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SNYDER COUNTY -- Charges of attempted homicide and arson have a teenage girl locked up in Snyder County.

The 16-year-old is accused of trying to kill her aunt and uncle Monday morning by setting their house on fire.

State police said 16-year-old Teasia Long got into a fight Sunday night with her aunt at their home in Port Trevorton.

Authorities said Monday morning, Long set a fire while her aunt and uncle slept. Long lives with her aunt and uncle, Nancy and Gerald Bickhart, in Port Trevorton.

"My brother, he knew, he knew it was Teasia that did it. He just had that feeling it was her," Kathy Snyder said.

According to state police, Long got into a fight with her aunt. Hours later, while her aunt and uncle were sleeping, troopers said Long poured perfume onto rags and lit them on fire. She got out with her dogs.

Officials said, the Bickharts were able to escape through a window and climb out onto that roof with their cell phones. They were able to call 911 for help and also call relatives who live nearby.

"She said the house is on fire, help," Snyder said.

Kathy Snyder is Gerald Bickhart's sister and lives across the street from the family. She said Teasia Long was a good kid up until a few years ago.

"She's been having a lot of problems since she was 13 years old. She's been in and out of homes," Snyder said.

The Bickhart's son said he is in shock but not surprised.

"Cuz she's always made threats. She just, I don't know. I don't know what to think about it, I don't know what to say about it," Tom Zacharzewski said.

"I never thought she's hurt either one of them. Hurt herself, yes, she's done that in the past, but not hurt them like that," Snyder said.

Gerald Bickhart is listed in serious condition at Geisinger Medical Center. Nancy Bickhart is hospitalized with second degree burns on her feet. Teasia Long is locked up at the Snyder County Prison.


  • Zak Kratzer

    This was my cousin. She had Counselors and went to many different homes for help for her mental problems. She Deserves what she gets after this because they gave her everything she wanted and planed it all out.

  • Rigg

    She was in our school grade for awhile, a weird but nice person for the most part. Never seemed quite normal but i didnt know her by anything else but name. Its a shame that it came to this type or ordeal.

  • Sundown

    Even IF there were underlying causes to her volatility, it should never be a sanctioned response to abuse, neglect, etc..Counselors can provide the tools for these individuals to overcome the horrors that sometimes become their lives. But it must be dealt with asap. However, sometimes, people are just bad!

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