Take this Snow and Shovel it

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LANSFORD- February's first snowstorm left our area looking like a Christmas card. But this time around winter is not getting many Valentines.

Jeanne Sides who is visiting Carbon County from the Philadelphia area to care for a friend says,"I have no more foot warmers, I am tired of shoveling, and I can't find rock salt in any of the stores. Enough is enough!"

In Wright Township, Luzerne County police re-opened the closed portion of 437 to school buses only, so they wouldn't have to navigate through the snow-covered Tunnel Road detour.

White Haven Police Chief Thomas Szoke said,"I was a little surprised there was school, normally it would be closed in weather like this, but everything worked out great. all the kids are home safe so we are good."

Lansford, in Carbon County got 8 inches , making it one of the snowiest spots around, and leaving residents shoveling, scraping, and sweating.

However neighbors on East Abbott Street may have found the secret to dealing with winter, teamwork.

With lots of senior citizens living on the block people like Rich Tower and Mike Zeller work together to make sure everyone is taken care of.

Tower said,"Our neighborhood, we all get together, we clean, the area, good camaraderie, we help each other. "

So while there is no denying cleaning up snow is a nuisance, folks in snowy Lansford prove it can also be a little bit of fun.

Mike Zeller said, "Y' know what? You take it in stride, a couple of months from now people will be complaining how hot it is."