Man Locked Up on Drug Charges

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BERWICK -- Police say a man is locked up after being accused of dealing heroin in Columbia County.

Kevin DeJesus was arrested after officers raided a home on West Second Street in Berwick Friday night.

Authorities say they found heroin and other drug related items, along with some cash.

DeJesus is in the Columbia County prison on $75,000 bail.


  • luvshorses

    This is the type of story that needs to have the coverage on the website, so that people will be on the lookout for this type of person and keep the police informed of such types of crimes… this is what reporting should be about.

    • Carol

      Sir, I agree….somewhat. Are you familiar with drug dealers? They are very good at hiding their criminal activities. Not to mention that this was a criminal activity in Berwick. No offense to Berwick, but they have a crazy amount of arrests for those who make meth. You watch the news so you must have seen ALL of those stories.And you expect ppl to be on the lookout for these criminal activities. Have you considered that some are obviously not vigilant, as meth has an extreme odor that ppl can’t possibly ignore.. So, yes, ppl should be vigilant but this current criminal may have an easier time getting away with his crimes. But how can citizens in a town with ridiculous meth arrests NOT be vigilant? Especially with three strong and offensive order? But I agree with you 100% that ppl need to monitor their area and be vigilant.

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