Community Mourns the Loss of Longtime Pastor

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A longtime teacher, pastor and community leader in Bradford County is being remembered after a crash this week.

Retired Rev. David Morris of Canton was traveling to Wellsboro, Tioga County on Wednesday to substitute teach when he hit another driver in Charleston Township.

Morris was flown to Robert Packer Hospital where he later died from his injuries.

Morris was a well known member in the Canton community. He was a school teacher for several years before becoming a pastor at the Church of Christ (Diciples of Christ) in Canton.

He held services there for 28 years and retired in 2008.

"There is never going to be, there never was a person like Dave in Canton before and there never will be anybody like him again," Lynn Welden of Canton said.

Newswatch 16 stopped at Morris' church on Friday and spoke with Rev. Bonnie Browning.

Browning took over as the church's pastor just days after Morris retired.

Browning said she will never be able to fill the shoes of a man who did so much for the community.

"David was more than we could have imagined in a person and so he even told me, you have your own shoes and you will walk your own path. But, know that the path is there," Browning said.

Friends say Morris walked his own path in life, always finding a way to comfort people in need in the community.

"That was David. He got satisfaction out of it. He didn't do it for himself, he did it for everyone else," Ted Bown, Morris' best friend of 30 years said.

Newswatch 16 interviewed Morris in 1994 after a tractor trailer plowed into a home.

The truck driver was killed, and the crash killed a young girl who was inside of the home.

Despite the tragedy, Morris was there to comfort the family.

"I tried to be comforting to them because it's very difficult when something like this happens. I just said I would be there if they needed me in the future," Morris said to Newswatch 16 in 1994.

Friends and family say they're having a difficult time coping with the fact that Morris is gone, but they all say they will forever cherish the memories and friendships he brought into their lives.

"Even if we were away from each other for a few days, a couple of weeks, even a month - we would come back together and it was like we never left. We were like brother, like brothers, we were brothers," Bown said.

Service information for Morris:

Services will be held from 1:30-3:30 p.m. on Sunday, also between 1-3:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 3. All services and the funeral will be held at the Church of Christ.

The funeral will follow at 4 p.m. at the church.

Morris' burial will be held at the Alba Cemetery.

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  • Tina Ransom

    David was such an inspiration for my girls and I. I will never forget his inspiration and love. Those years of stained glass are awesome memories! You are loved, my brother, till we meet again!

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