Talkback Feedback: Dead Horse

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We are used to it at Newswatch 16. We get a lot of criticism about things we do. It comes with the territory.

But tonight, it's not us, it's Newscat that's getting some harsh words directed at him in this week's Talkback Feedback.


  • effey yew

    Hi. It seems you RARELY get the weather report right! How hard can it be? My late grandfathers bunion predicted the weather better than you. Even WBRE is a better choice. I live in Wayne County and am VERY dissapointed in wnep!! Good Bye!!!

  • donna

    i think that if people want to complain about what wnep 16 shows and airs and they dont like it then there is no one keeping them on this channel that is why a fremote control has a channel up and a chanel down button change it
    also wnep dont change a thing i love your news shows and news cat keep your head held high dont let anyone tell you you are a dead horse that is just bulling and we dont stand for it in out schools so i dont think you should stand for on tv either love you guys keep up the good work

    • Sundown

      I second that! Outside of a few glitches in accuracy from time to time, which happens in all venues in journalism, I think you do a great job in keeping us all informed in a timely manner, and your articles cut to the chase. What I would like to see is more editorial and opinion on various news stories and the current state of the communities and how the bigger pictures in national and global news might affect our local communities..and so on, and etc…

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