French Restaurant Closes After Brief Three Months

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WILKES-BARRE -- Three months after Wilkes-Barre's first French restaurant opened, we found the place with a "closed" sign on the door on Tuesday.

The Southside Bistro on West Ross and South Main Streets opened in October.

The restaurant set up business in an old bank building.

The owner of the building in Wilkes-Barre said the restaurant management left with little notice but left a big financial mess behind.


  • Steve Dawson

    Their web site is still open. Take a look at the menu and the prices and you will know why they closed. Who in the world would et that stuff for those prices?

  • Skeptic

    I’m not sure what made anyone think that a French Bistro would be popular in the area anyway. People around here aren’t exactly what you’d call “cultured”, so the demographic to support that type of restaurant just isn’t there.

  • mdog

    Channel 16 needs to spend an evening filming live restaurant/bar hopping the Diamond city. A live sitcom perhaps. Show the people
    its Spectrum. Then the proper investors can decipher its potential

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