Cold Construction At Crystal Cabin Fever

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PAUPACK TOWNSHIP -- Believe it or not, it has actually been too cold for some ice sculptors, but that's not keeping one sculpting business in Wayne County from building a popular wintertime attraction, and even doing work for the Super Bowl.

It has certainly been cold construction as block after block of ice goes up at what is becoming Crystal Cabin Fever in Lakeville.

Towering blocks of ice will become a frozen Eiffel Tower at this ice-filled wintertime attraction.

“Actually I don't love the cold, but our work sure loves the cold.”

The owner of Sculpted Ice Works, Mark Crouthamel, says it can actually get too cold for ice. These temperatures near zero have been, making the ice brittle.

“Ice that's somewhere between 10 and 20 degrees is perfect and cold. It bonds together when we build big stuff.  It fuses well and it's not as brittle.  It doesn't crack as easy,” Crouthamel explained.

Heaters are running the place where the ice blocks are made to make sure the ice is just right. And they need a lot of ice.

There's a lot going on at Sculpted Ice works. Workers are making a lot of sculptures for the Super Bowl

Sculptures of a football, helmets, and team logos took shape while we were there.

“We go from Black Friday to Presidents Day week and we do, you name it. Our limitation is your imagination,” said John Hanson.

“We've been all over the place. We were at a big event in Vermont last weekend.  We got this going on.  We got the Super Bowl.  This is our time. We'll sleep in March,” said Neil Trimper.

There's less than a week and a half to finish Crystal Cabin Fever.  The theme this year is Around The World.

Slides are done. The Eiffel Tower is going up and there are a lot more frozen features to come.

“I have to say, don't tell anybody, we're a little behind, but we're going to catch up great!” Crouthamel said.

“To be honest, this part is not fun, until people see it and they're like ‘Whoa!’ OK, then it's worth it,” Trimper said.

Crystal Cabin Fever opens next Friday, February 7 and is open every day through February 23.

It is located along Route 590 between Hamiln and Hawley.

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