Street Signs Damaged in Nanticoke

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NANTICOKE -- Not one, but two signs are down at the intersection of Chestnut and East Green Streets in Nanticoke. It was a rough start to the day for people driving through the city.

"I think somebody had themselves a nice joy ride."

Thanks to tire tracks in the snow, Nanticoke police believe a large SUV or truck is to blame for knocking over street and stop signs along Church, Washington, and Chestnut Streets. A number of handicap signs throughout the city were also hit.

"The city's already in distressed status. It doesn't need any more damage done to the area."

Public works crews spent the afternoon replacing the signs, a task they say they shouldn't have to deal with in the first place.

"We've been putting signs off to the side of the road, bending them back when they were bent over. It's just real time-consuming for us when we have a lot more important things to do," said Nanticoke Public Works employee Shawn Carey.

Carey says it's been hard putting new signs in since the ground is frozen solid. Some neighbors along Chestnut Street say they heard noises early in the morning, but didn't know what it was.

"It sounded like somebody hit a garbage can because it was windy last night. The second time around, I got up and looked out. I didn't see anything," said Albert Shoemaker of Nanticoke.

One sign was knocked over outside Joe's Pizza shop at the corner of West Church and South Market. Shop owner Joe Hynoski saw it when he started his work day but didn't realize other signs were also hit.

"I couldn't believe it happening all over town. It's pretty sad. Somebody probably. Why would they want to do that?" said Joe's Pizza owner Joe Hynoski.

Police say they have no leads so far, but are looking for a large SUV or truck. Anyone with information about the vandalism is asked to call Nanticoke police.

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